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Stampede in Elphinstone road Mumbai

                  Stampede in Elphinstone road Mumbai Image Source: The Indian Express           As a local Mumbaikar, I am really angry and sad with the unfortunate incident that happened in Elphinstone Road Mumbai today. In a stampede 22 innocent people lost their lives and more than 30 people got injured. This is completely a collective failure and I feel we must all learn our lessons from the same.  The overpopulation in Mumbai is the major cause of most of the problems in Mumbai. The infrastructure is not upgraded but population is increasing day by day. Local train is the lifeline in Mumbai. The Indian Railways is the biggest employer of the world. Obviously Man-power is adequately available and resources too. What lacks is the vision and will power to accept the challenges and become pro-active in development of existing infrastructure. We can't even provide good foot-over bridges to the people, are we ready for bullet trains? Can this unemployed, uneducated, irr