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Who is Deepak Doddamani?

‘Deepbaazigar’ & ‘Ashwamedh Group
Hey Friends; My Name is Mr. Deepak Vitthal Doddamani.
I am an Entrepreneur from Virar and this is my Story.
My Childhood:
I am youngest Son of Shri.V.M.Doddamani Retd.GM (Finance) of BSNL,
who introduced Plastic Money in Billing System of Telecom sector in late 90s.
I spent my Childhood in Post & Telegraph colony of Santacruz, Mumbai.
You can understand how safe and protected my childhood was.
I was bright student and completed my SSc with merit from Marathi medium.
I received Acharya Bhise Award from Maharashtra State for coming first
in Mumbai City in Adivasi category students. That was the first time
I heard about Acharya Bhise and his work for Adivasis in Dahanu and
nearby areas. How he created Ashramshalas and how he himself took
interest in their daily operations.As I grew up, I started reading about
Mahatma Phule, Savitribai Phule, Maharshi Dhondo Karve, Acharya Bhise
and many such great Social Reformersof India who worked in the field of
Education. I participated in Praud ShikshanAbhiyaan during school days.
My illiterate Mother was my first student in my life.
It started from Childhood and till date I am working in Education sector.
My school have Alumni like Nana Patekar & Achyut Palav;
who were our role models since our school days.
They were the inspiration behind my thirst for creativity. I loved drawing,
story writing, drama direction etc. from my childhood.
We performed drama reading on Akashwani too.
Performed PathNatya in NGOs and MahilaMandals in Khar and Golibar areas.
That is when I saw NGO Centres in life for very first time.
Being son of Finance Professional I had ‘Finance’ flowing in my blood
which I realized very later in my stage.
This is how my childhood laid foundation of my present.
Today I am working in Education, Finance, Media and Social work sectors
simultaneously through my Ashwamedh Group.
Laying the Foundation:
I completed my HSc from S.I.E.S in Science stream with Electronics as
vocational subject. After 12th I was completely confused about my career
and took many wrong decisions which completely changed course of my life.
I did First year BSc before getting into Engineering course.
In that one year, I was very much involved in theatre, script writing and direction.
I worked as Asst. Director in E-Tv Marathi, wrote many Marathi Ekankika
Scripts, attended many Ekankika Competition. Met many personalities of
Marathi Industry wiz. Director Sachin Goswami, Writer Sachin Mote,
Actor Vikas Sabnis and so on. But when I got admission in Engineering,
my whole life changed. A creative Mind was trapped in Engineering Jargons.
My Engineering was turning into disaster. So, I started searching for other
options simultaneously. I did Multilevel Marketing, Seasonal businesses,
Vendorship of Data Entry Jobs, Silver Extraction from Hypo Fixer solution,
and many such small businesses during my engineering days. In my last year
of Engineering I started teaching in a Coaching Classes of my friend.
After Engineering instead of taking Job in Chemical industry I went ahead
to Start College Section in his coaching classes. In 4 years we reached to
650 students including School Section & College section (Science & Commerce).
When I started to feel that I finally found what I wanted to do in my life;
our partnership broke.Workplace politics started taking toll on my health.
I decided to quit. At this juncture I had only two options in front of me –
either to start my own Coaching Classes in the same area and compete him
or to move on in life and do something good for myself. I chose second option.
I cracked CET in the same year and completed full time MBA  in Marketing
at the age of 30. After MBA I started working as Marketing Manager
for an Educational Giant in IT industry but within few months realized
that I was no more ready to work for others. I left my job and founded
Ashwamedh Group in August 2010.
Ashwamedh Group: 
Ashwamedh Groups works in four sectors wiz
1.)  Ashwamedh Kalamanch:
Ashwamedh Kalamanch started as Arts & Culture centre.
We carried out many events, competitions for children.
Participated in many Drama competitions, created many Social Ads,
Shortfilms etc.There was no Smartphones penetration, no market for Apps in 2010.
But my blogging helped me understand the potential of Google Adsense in very early stage.
So we decided to make first Marathi Webseries.We called it Hasya Jatra.
After first season of 10 webisodes we stopped. We tried to raise funds for our further work.
Showed all 40 videos made by Ashwamedh Kalamanch to Marathi Industry people.
Promised them that we can do much better if we get access to funds.
But they found our work amateur and rejected us. We decided to focus more
on Shortfilms so that featuring in Big Short film festivals can help us gain some
Producers but that too didn’t happened. Our films got selected in Script International
ShortFilm Festival of Lions Club, Vasundhara Shortfilm Festival of MPCB, and
Vasai Mahotsav. But still couldn’t get any financial support. After 2 years of work;
our capital was exhausted. We stopped our work, hoping we will revive the
organization once we get proper funding.
Meanwhile I started working on Indifame Media, a Social Media platform for artists.
My website was scrapped in it’s early stage itself after we saw
Large ShortFilms and many other such websites started by bigwigs of Bollywood
industry too were not doing well. We realized that people want to watch only
YouTube and no other website can host shortfims, webseries profitably.
After 5 years now when I feel hotstar and TVF Play have broken my myth to some extent.
But I am sure they too will come back to YouTube completely sooner.
That’s the power of YouTube Viewership.
2) Ashwamedh Foundation:
Ashwamedh Foundation was founded on 1st August 2012, 2 yrs later on same date
as that of Ashwamedh Kalamanch. It got registered as Charitable Society and
Public Trust in 2013. We are working in Child Education and Development sector.
Ashwamedh Foundation completed 4 audits till now and have successfully created
it’s flagship projects like Ankur and Aakar. You can visit our website for further details. Ashwamedh Foundation do
not have it’s owned centre. We work with many vernacular schools and NGOs.
We have also carried out several healthcamps, awareness activities in leading
hospitals and colleges of Mumbai. We helped Kashmir Flood victims, Nepal Earthquake
victims and Chennai flood victims by sending collected Clothes, rescue materials etc.
We also participate in Daan Utsav every year. Ruia, Sathey etc colleges and
Mulanche va Mulinche Samarth Vidyalay are the places where we carried out Daan Utsav
in last 3 yrs.
3) Ashwamedh Financial Services:
Ashwamedh Financial Services was started by on 1st August 2014, 2 year later 
on the same date that of Ashwamedh Foundation. Being NCMP Level -4, NCIAP
and Equity Analyst I have been working in Market since almost a decade now.
I am not SEBI registered Advisor, so I kept my activity limited only to my
friend circles so far who willingly took my Advises and invested in the stocks
recommended by me. I was successful Investor till 2014; and used Share Market
as the only Income Source in a period when Ashwamedh Kalamanch and
Ashwamedh Foundation needed Capital to run. Share Market helped Me
with that SEED Capital. When Ashwamedh Foundation started getting good donations
I stopped investing in it from my pocket. Afterall it’s a Public Trust and it should
run only from the help of General Public. That is when I decided to take Share Market
seriously and become full time trader. I started my work on ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ of 2014
and then traded daily after that. Intraday is very risky affair and one loses all his
capital in it. I did huge volumes in 3 years and finally became Bankrupt.
Margin trading is slow poison it kills all your Capital. After losing everything I had;
I gained only two things from Market – Hypertension and Sugar Problem.
I will be closing my Trading activity completely on 31st March 2017 and focus
more on Investing and Advising in coming financial year.
Currently, I have an Idea of Fintech App in my mind. I have named it TML
which will provide the most required solution to Traders in ShareMarket.
There is a NEED GAP which my APP will fill in coming days.
Being bankrupt, the project is postponed to indefinite time. It’s a time for me to
use my Un-used NET in Management qualification and start working as
Asst. Professor in some B-School till I earn some Capital to restart working on it.
4) Ashwamedh Knowledge Centre: 
I have a dream to start an Organization which can give guidance to students
from KG to PG. I tried to start it with Eduzeme – a coaching classes which
will cover Aptitude test portion of all the competitive exams. We started it in
rented classes in Santacruz in 2013 but the shop went into SRA Scheme and
Gala was broken within our first year of Operation. We never started it again.
I worked as Guest lecturer for one B-schools, Mentored Projects of B-School
students but didn’t started Knowledge centre after that. As a full time trader
I could focus only on my trading and our NGO in last 3 years. As I am returning
back to Academics again; I feel this is the right time to revive
Ashwamedh’s Knowledge Centre.

In last 7 years I have worked hard on Ashwamedh Group but
I am still struggling to establish it properly. I have failed miserably many times
in my life, but also bounced back equally. Deepbaazigar was the pen name
I selected during my college name. I never knew then that this pen name
will become my identity. I feel this name has become my brand name;
an alter ego which alway motivates me to wake up and get ready for
round two of fight. You become loser only when you quit; so delay your
success if you want but never quit.


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