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Kansas Killing and Social Media Reactions

                   Kansas Killing and Social Media Reactions India is country of huge unemployed Man-power whose full-time business is 'Social Media'.  From Disha Patani's Cleavage to Narendra Modi's 'Greatness'; everything gets discussed here. People don't know what's happening in their homes but they stay updated with what is Trending on Twitter? In such 'highly reactive Online and highly insensitive Offline' world of 'Social Media Netizens'  unfortunate News like Killing of an Indian in Kansas by some drunk 51 yr old American becomes Topic of National importance. Why can't you see 'Crime' News as 'Crime News'; why you are in hurry to generalize things and calling Entire USA Racist? In India we hear many cases of Foreign Women getting Raped by some Sick people; does that makes entire India as Nation of rapist? So please, stop jumping the guns at another Nation which was your 'American Dream unrealized'