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Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 33

                           Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 33

    Quotes by Deepbaazigar series on my blog is basically compilation of some of my tweets on Twitter (@deepbaazigar) and my Status updates on Facebook Page 'Doddamani Deepak Vitthal Ratna'. Based on my Quotes I have self published two Pdf E-Books viz     

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - I and Quotes by Deepbaazigar -  II

This is my 33rd post in the series: 

1) Deep rooted Sankaras frame your thought process. You can't find solutions to your problems by superficial methods.You must go deep down inside of yourself to find out the causes whose effects you see on your life. Dive inside the ocean of your soul; be spiritual 

2) Don't BLAME others for your own FAILURE, Accept the RESPONSIBILITY of it and Avoid wasting time on Blame-Game; start TRYING again freshly 

3) Self-Obsessed people always end-up being the most depressed and unhappy individual in their life. Love yourself, but don't be self-obsessed 

4) We must always praise successful people around us rather than getting jealous of them. It not only inspires us from within but also adds more positivity towards our own success path 

5)  Your thoughts becomes your reality. You become what you visualize you are. There is tremendous positive energy inside you which is hidden inside the layers of negative doubts and fears. Dig out your mind to unleash it. There is a bright Sun waiting to rise within you. Say no to darkness. And desire for the sunny bright morning.

6) Without sailing in water you can't realize whether you have potential to fight the storms and complete your voyage. You must take first step first.Rest is just a process which gets auto-started with the initiation 

7) Everything start with belief,if you believe in yourself you don't have to worry about other's opinions about you. If you believe in your dreams, there shouldn't be any hesitation to pursue it. You must start believing first, because everything starts with a belief. 

8) Sensitive minds are prone to get disordered very easily, being in material world is recommended for such people.Don't mess with the things which you aren't aware of. Mind is miraculous and scary at the same time 

9) Unfortunately all the Mind Techniques are such that there is no point in discussing them on intellectual level or experience them superficially. You have to become guineapig yourself to experiment those on yourself first. 

10) There is no question of denying the existence of God. But it will be unfair to give credit of "Laws of Nature" to God. 

11) Dance as if no one's watching, but write as if everyone is reading 

12) Arrogance can convert gigantic mountains into dust particles. Be humble ALWAYS 

13) If you are doing good work for society, you ought to get support of people. The only requirement is that, you must not doubt intentions of your followers even if you have doubt on your own capability.Trust your team.

14) The power of positivity and conviction comes from the very deep rooted belief and principles. Listen to your heart,it knows your determination level 

15) There are some professions which are noble and directly impact the society and there are other professions which doesn't have any significance as such, just for earning your livelihood. Opt for the noble professions and you'll realize your life is worth hundred times more than earlier. 

16) Days that have past in our life have become our 'past', but there are some people whose each and every passing day is getting written on the pages of History. The only difference between us and them is, we are LIVING for Ourselves and they are LIVING for their countries.

17) Real wisdom lies in accepting that - you are what you are because you chose what you want to be. No external force is responsible for your current status. Accept the responsibility fully and you will find you have all the power to create your future life. 

18) when you give more, universe conspires to give you in multiples of it.


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