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Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 29

                        Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 29

         Quotes by Deepbaazigar series on my blog 'World of Deepbaazigar' is basically a compilation of some of my tweets on Twitter. Based on my earlier quotes I have self-published two PdF E-Books which you can read on the links below: 

                               This is my 29th post in the series 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' 

1) Managing the 'Success' is much difficult than managing the 'failure'. So there is something to cheer about in the season of 'failure'. Loose your heart, no problem; but don't loose your mind. Seasons will keep changing. 

2) 'Depression' due to failure is not at all related to your 'calibre', it's related to you low self-esteem and morale. 

3) A leader must try to make his presence negligible over time.It's the 'team-spirit' which must drive the Organization forward. 

4) There is an 'opportunity cost' involved in keeping the 'patience'; because sometimes we  pay more than what patience pays off. 

5) I don't have interest in 'History' subject as such. I have tremendous interest in knowing about the people who created the History; and so I end-up reading the subject of 'History'.

6) The success of capitalism across the globe, is not the failure of other idealogies. Actually it's the failures of the leaders who could not prove their idealogies worth chaning the lives of people. 

7) Those who are driven by morale conciousness rather than material incentives become extra-ordinary public-figures in long run; undoubtedly. 

8) I have grown-up watching Bollywood movies.Ahh it would have been better if I could have grown up reading good books instead. 

9) I will lead when my cause is good, I will support when your intensions are good. 

10) It's always better to do some struggle for the things which you really want in life rather than compromizing and regretting later. 


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