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A letter to an Entrepreneur - 8

Dear Entrepreneur;           It's great to hear from you that you have decided to 'Grow' your Organization by 'Expansion'. I am sure you might have taken this major decision after deep thinking. I must congratulate you for your decision but also caution you with some words of experience.       You might have heard about 'organic growth' and also might have learned about it's advantages and disadvantages. Expansion can be done by several ways. But I would love to discuss the expansion strategy which you will see in the Facebook Game FarmVille-2. You see, the game is really simple to play and looks simple at first instance. But just imagine that those coins are real Money and your farm, kitchen, Workshop etc. are real assets and then play the game. You will realize how effectively it teaches you the basics of strategic management. You can search in Google about 'FarmVille-2 & Management' or 'What FarmVille-2 teaches?' etc. keywords and