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Keep moving

                                       Keep moving  Pic. Source: Google Images Like a river flowing down the slope,  Life is full of motion and hope,   The flow keeps it really clean;  From outside;and from within.  Static water is always turbid, Full of mud & dirt indeed Although it's silent & mature;  With no speed; life is bore Keep moving, keep flowing,  Don't stop; keep running  -  Indifamous Deepbaazigar

Maharashtra SET exam 2013 Answer Keys for Management

                  Maharashtra SET exam 2013 Answer Keys for Management   PAPER - III 1) In order to predict human behavior, it is best to supplement your intuitive opinions with information derived in what fashion?  A) Common Sense  B) Systematic inquiry  C) Direct Observation D) Organizational theory Correct Answer is Option B) Systematic Inquiry  2) Which of the following is not a force in the Porter's Five Forces Model? A) Bargaining Power of Buyers B) Bargaining Power of Suppliers C) Industry Rivalry D) Bargaining Power of Dealers Correct Answer is Option C) Bargaining Power of Dealers 3) Which of the following is a non-DCF technique? A) PI B) IRR C) NPV D) ARR Correct Answer is option D) ARR 4) Role playing is often used to: A) Change attitudes B) Learn Skills C) Change results  D) Model Behaviour Correct Answer is Option B) Learn Skills 5) Sarbanes-Oxley Act, 2002 emphasises on: A) Environmental Protection B) Work-Life Balance C) Total Quality Management  D) Audit function an

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 26

                                Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 26 Deepak Doddamani aka Deepbaazigar  1) People always explain this to you that they are not trying to give any explanation to you because they don't like to give any explanation to anyone; including you.  2) It's always important to run an Organization for some period, some months or may be a whole year before actually going for it's registration. You must get convinced yourself first that you want to do it & you must also gain confidence that you can do it. Then only you will have conviction in your voice whenever you motivate your team 3) I have a 'confidence'; because I always keep learning. The day I will stop learning, I will be good for nothing  4) Whenever 'personal life' & 'professional life' both are well-balanced; mind always remains in state of 'equilibrium' 5) I have a good sense of humor but mind you I am not a 'JOKER'  6) If you play; play to win; If you

And the learning begins

                             And the learning begins...                                      (Ashwamedh Foundation: 3)               I have been sharing my journey as an Entrepreneur in my blog ' World of Deepbaazigar ' (which is - Deepak Doddamani now) from almost last 3 years now. From the inception of 'Ashwamedh Kalamanch' to the foundation of 'Ashwamedh Foundation' ; I shared everything.      I am Deepak Doddamani aka Deepbaazigar; and I have been pursuing my biggest interest in my life i.e. ' Entrepreneurship' . But I am not interested in 'Businesses' as such, rather I want to become a ' Social Entrepreneur' and formation of 'Ashwamedh Foundation' (Society & Trust) is the first little step which I have taken in that direction; along with my friends.      Being the sole think-tank of the Organization the pressure & responsibility is huge on me. None of us belong to 'Social Work' related field and so running a