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Making of Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Unknown Enemy Part - II


A still from Ashwamedh Kalamanch's upcoming short-film unknown enemy 

       Ashwamedh Kalamanch's second schedule of 'Unknown enemy' was held in Grant Road on Nilesh Chalke's terrace. The 7 floor building opposite Mukesh Ambani's residence 'Antilia' is actually a redeveloped one; and so the people in the building have still maintained their middle class chawl kind of culture which keeps them bonded together. They celebrate every festivals, carry out different events, activities and most of them are associated with theater sometime in their lives. So we got permission very easily. It's the same terrace where we did script reading of 'Marathi Ekankika' - Lakh Lakh Chanderi in 2010 Decemeber. 

      It was Sunday and due to Megablock Anant reached very late. Rajendra and Hakim met Anant at Grant road station and came together to the location. Meanwhile me, shailesh and Rakesh went to terrace and decided the scenes which we were planning to shoot there. The people of the society are really very supportive. They helped us right from arranging the chairs to providing the things we required for shoot. Rakesh brought water bottles from her Aunty's home at 5th floor and then in few minutes after arrival of other team member we began first scene discussion.

          It was 12' O clock already and due to top sun we were finding it really difficult to shoot.Frame images were completely burned in Sun and we couldn't even see faces of people acting. So we had to postponed those scene to evening and we went down in Society office to shoot another scene.While we were shooting in Society office there was tournament being played in the complex and so ambiance was very noisy. It was good as it helped us (as we also wanted) to establish it as a Residential Society scene and at the same time it was bad because our normal handy-cam was not able to catch Actors voices properly in that noise. So we took the same scene from 3-4 angles.After completing the scene we had some food and took rest for few minutes. We added some Lift-scenes to the story so as to keep everyone busy till 4:30 p.m. 

        In the evening after 4:30 p.m.the atmosphere was really good which made our work easy. Everyone got full charged after tea-break and started the shoot. We shot one scene which may completely look like scene from Sony TV's C.I.D.We showed everyone in search of clues to find who is 'Unknown Enemy'? and then the climax scenes.As we wanted at-least 5 people in the scene; I had to handle-over handycam to Anant and act in the scene.Anant never had any idea of handling the camera, so I had to give him some instructions.The scene was really easy and could have been shot in one take.(see the snapshot above). But thanks to the comedy of errors; it took 7-8 retakes. In the scene Rakesh enters terrace running and stands at one place.One by one other society member s reach there and stand behind him and finally all come in one frame. I told Anant that you say loudly: Lights, Sound, Camera, Action and we will start the scene and went inside the passage of terrace near staircase from where we had to run one by one. But interestingly Anant forgot what to say and shouted loudly Lights, Action, Camera which made us laugh so badly that even after Rakesh and Shailesh entered the frame I, Hakim and Rajendra stopped in the Passage and kept rolling on the floor laughing on that ultimate joke that happened. We entered laughing and corrected Anant again. Lights, Sound, Camera, Action. and went inside. But that joke was more than enough to delay our shoot; as in every take someone would laugh or giggle reminding the joke. Somehow after making everyone serious again - we finished that scene in 8th attempt. 

        We completed the scene and packed our bags, thanked everyone from the building who helped us and started walking towards Grant Road station. At Grant-Road station after tea, we discussed about the next schedules and greeted everyone 'HAPPY Diwali' in advance. After that day; we didn't had any schedules due to Diwali. Today in 3rd schedule we met at my place in Wadala and completed scenes of 'Bahadur' played by Abhijeet. The final schedule of the short-film is on Sunday 18th Nov. at Virar at 12:00 noon. It will be really hectic day for me as I have to attend wedding of my close classmate of MBA PremKumar Iyer in Dombivali at 9:00 a.m. and then rush to Virar.I know that promos or production stills or making videos are more effective than the 'making stories posts' of shortfilms. So like 'Nakoshi', I will also try to make some videos of 'Unknown Enemy' which you might enjoy and share soon. 

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I will share more about Making of Unknown enemy in next post after our 18th's shooting. 
Till then, Keep reading 'World of Deepbaazigar' . Ciao !


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