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Action packed August

                                 Action Packed August 

   August 2012 will remain one of the most busiest month for Indian Politicians. The month August truly saw 'August Kranti' type of situation whole month. The plot was created in End of July and real action took place in August. Baba Ramdev, Arvind Kejriwal, Jaiswal, Raj Thackeray, Manmohan Singh, Sushma Swaraj, Sonia Gandhi, Nitin Gadkari, Kiran Bedi, Kasab, Narendra Modi were top trended people whole month and CAG, Emergency 2012, Coalgate, Motamaal, Naroda Patiya, ModiHangout were top traded trends on Twitter. These trends only tells whole story of the month of August. 

Baba Ramdev started Anshan and kept telling Media that he will be announcing something big at the end of Anshan. This drama continued whole week and at the end he surprised everyone by shaking hands with BJP openly. Ram Jethmalani, Nitin Gadkari shared stage with him. Sharad Yadav sung Sant Kabir Katha on his stage accusing social media and technology and giving his illogical conclusion that 'Castism' is the route cause of corruption. Thousands of supporters of Baba Ramdev were arrested.And finally in the end he ended Anshan by giving naara 'Congress Hatao Desh Bachao'. 
Meanwhile Congress was busy in targeting independent institution CAG for its report on Coal blocks. The notional loss of 1.86 lakh crores in Coalgate scam became best chance for Opposition Parties to target UPA and Dr.Manmohan Singh. Just before the coal scam All parties came together on North East Indian issue to show their support to NE people. And unexpectedly same Sushma Swaraj became Maa Chandika accusing UPA for scam. MotaMaal word used by her became seriously annoying for allies of Congress and Laloo reminded her of  Reddy brothers and Motamaal taken by her. During this blamegame all Allies of UPA remained glued to each other to save their Government. So Mamta and Mulayam  kept their mouth zipped and avoided media. 

Arvind Kejriwal a member of 'bhang team Anna' took on CoalGate issue and decided to target BJP. He and his colleges registered protests early in the morning outside houses of Gadkari and other politicians. IAC volunteer took aggressive stance and kept changing their ground filed tactics to keep Delhi Police guessing. So Police used force against them and stopped them at right time. Surprisingly Kiran Bedi didn't took part in the protest and showed her soft corner towards BJP. She also slammed Arvind indirectly through her tweets. Anna supported Arvind but on very defensive mode. The protest was mandatory as BJP lead states Chief Ministers were also involved in writing a letter to PMO suggesting not to carry out auction of coalblocks. 

In Maharashtra Raj Thackeray carried out Mahamorcha of MNS from Girgaum chowpaty to Azad maidan in protest of CST riots. The protest was really successful as 70,000 people joined it and showed strong support to his cause.Police Ayukta Arup Patnaik got transfer order within few days but Home Minister of Maharashtra R.R. Patil didn't resigned. Even   Shivsena Cheif Balasaheb Thackeray praised MNS in 'Saamna' newspaper. 

In centre the Coal Scam started taking very bad turn as BJP didn't allowed to function Parliament for almost a week. UPA offered them chance of debate but BJP remained aggressive. So Sonia Gandhi jumped in the battlefield to take on BJP head on and save Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.Even in such difficult times Manmohan Singh remained quite by saying 'Hazaro Jawabose acchi hai meri khamoshi, na jaane kitane sawalo ki aabru  rakhe'. But when he wanted to Talk; BJP didn't allowed him to talk rubbishing his 32 point explanation as 32-point excuses. BJP showed that they are hungry for power and denied debate for very long. Manish Tewari from Congress and Shahnawaz Hussain from BJP remained busiest spokes persons whole month. 

August also came with some very important judgements with long waited cases. Ofcourse Kasab's fansi was the most historical decision this month. Supreme court upheld decision of high court to hang Mohd. Ajmal Kasab till death. All eyes are on Mahamahim Rashtrapati Pranab Mukherji now. People of India are waiting for the execution day. The second decision was related to Naroda Patiya Violence in which Babu Bajrangi and BJP  MLA  Maya Kodnani were also given right punishment. Extremist of Hindu and Muslim both religions were punished during the month. The third decision was shocking for Subramanian Swamy. P Chidambaram got clean chit from SC which closed mouths of all the Opposition parties who were targeting him from past year or so. 

Even the last day of August was quite fascinating. Gujarat BJP minister got punished by court and before Congress gets any chance to target BJP; Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat used HangOut of Google Plus to connect with people of India across the globe and shared his vision for India on the basis on Gujarat as role model. The Hangout was hosted by Ajay Devgn. Narendra Modi didn't left any chance to target UPA and promote himself as future Prime Minister. Ofcourse he didn't said it clearly even single time. But surely his body language was more than enough to make Congress realize the Nation is eyeing for mid-term elections. 

This is how August turned out to be very busiest month for politicians, tweeples, news channels but above all for Police. Whether it's Raj Thackeray's speech or Narendra Modi's Hangout everyone tried to connect to people by targeting Congress government. 
      Arvind Kejriwal, Baba Ramdev and BJP all tried to attack Congress from all sides. But till the end neither Congress nor UPA buckled down under pressure from Opposition. Instead Sonia Gandhi slammed BJP by calling they blackmail for bread and butter. PM Manmohan Singh is not ready to resign as his resignation will be equivalent to resignation by Government.  Politics in India is on really peak level now.
                         It will be interesting to see, what happens next? 


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