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Ashwamedh Group

                                                                    It's not a business plan it's my dream plan :) - Deepbaazigar

Janlokpal Andolan

                                          Poetry written during Janlokpal Aandolan                                                           रस्ते पर उतर                            मुफ्त की आज़ादी का तुझे क्या मूल्य है नादान;                                     बाते करना बड़ी बड़ी होता है बड़ा ही आसान                                     गर देश की, समाज की तुजे कोई है फिकर,                                     छोड़ कर सब कामकाज, आज रस्ते पर उतर                                     बुला रहा है तुझे हर एक गरीब इन्सान                                     जो पस्त है गरीबी से, महंगाई से परेशान                                     कभी तो 'मैं' को छोड़कर कर औरोंकि भी फिकर                                     समाजशील तू भी है, आज रस्ते पर उतर                                     लढ रहे अकेले ही तेरे वो साथी आज से                                     बढ़ा दे हाथ,साथ में तू जुड़ जा बड़े नाज से                                     डटा रहे तू अंत तक, न हो कही तितर बितर           

A letter to an Entrepreneur - 6

Dear Entrepreneur,               You have always been one of my brightest student. And I have always seen leadership qualities in you. I knew from the beginning that you think differently from the rest of the class and one day you will become your own boss. Today when you met me and discussed everything about your ventures and success stories as a teacher I was quite happy for you. But being a counsellor I could easily read your eyes and can easily make out what is true and what is false? Now as a Management consultant I would like to share few words with you. Hope you won't find it rude.            Everyone has different financial background and so everyone has different risk taking capacity. Depending on availability of sources every person decides how he can optimize resources properly. When someone decides to become self-employed he does it with his own choice and so he should be proud of his decision.Even a biggest visionary leader can tell you that they dreamt really big but

A letter to an Entrepreneur - 5

Dear Entrepreneur ,         It's been long since I am associated with your Organization as a 'well-wisher and supporter'. I have seen growth of your Organization over the years; very closely. I have learned many things about 'Effective Below The Line Marketing' from you. Many a times I copied your strategies and followed your footsteps. But I have noticed that your Market share is decreasing considerably from last few years. And even after your strong presence (more than 15 years) in the Area you have started to lose the competition with others. And I guess I know the reason behind it; so decided to share my observation with you which you  may find useful.         Whenever any businessman starts his Organization he works really hard to gain reputation and a brand image. But once he gets settled properly he reduces his force in branding and concentrates more on en-cashing his previously earned reputation. During the growth of his organization he manages to create one

A letter to an Entrepreneur - 4

                  Dear Entrepreneur,                              I approached you because my friend recommended you. You have done some excellent work for his firm, and he is very much impressed with it. He liked your work and perhaps that is why I appointed you for the Graphic designing and web development work of my firm.           When you narrated your ideas, even I was so impressed with those that I gave you the work of my organization. I know you are giving your 100% best to give us satisfactory results. But I shall tell you that you may have to re-work on everything again if you don't pay attention to all my requirements properly. It will not only delay your work but also frustrate you to some extent. But you must admit that fault is yours.                    The days have gone when all Ford cars were black. Now 'Customer is King' and you should keep 'Customer Satisfaction' as your top priority of business. Dear Entrepreneur; when I was sharing my ideas and

A letter to an Entrepreneur - 3

               Dear friend,                       You have been telling me from our college days that you want to become Businessman like your father; but don't want to join his family business. That's really good; it shows that you want to create your own personality and don't want to hide under shadow of your Dad's empire. But I have observed in past two years that you are not enjoying what you are doing. Most of the time you seems to be frustrated with your job and running away from the reality. I know you are doing job only to keep yourself busy. But what's the use of such business where you don't have any goal and just working to turn the pages of the calender of your life? I think you seriously need some career guidance and you must share your confusion with someone you really look-up as mentor; in your case your dad.                       Friend. you want to set-up a business in the field in which you completed your education. You know the cost of start-u

A letter to an Entrepreneur - 2

Dear Mr. Entrepreneur,                   Telephonic conversation with you, made me realize that you want to start your own publication house which is a good business in traditional category. but I am not convinced with the reason why you want to start it and so decided to write you before its too late.                 Why do we set-up any business? What is the purpose behind starting our own business? You must first try to find out answers for these questions and if you come up with satisfactory answers then only move ahead with planning stage. See you said you are a good writer and want to publish your own book, so you want to start publishing house. Now tell me will you start up a Breweries just because you like to drink?? If your answer is yes. Go ahead. But if your answer is No, get your priorities right.                   I know you are a good writer. I have read some of your poems and I found them excellent. Even though I don't have much knowledge about Publishing a book. I c

A letter to Entrepreneur

             Dear Mr. Entrepreneur,                                 Yesterday when we had telephonic conversation we had detailed discussion about how difficult it is to start your own business when we don't have any resources & support. I also learned many things from your experience and for that matter got answers to some of my problems when you shared your valuable experiences with me. You enriched me with your helpful tips about finding new clients and generating new leads by word of mouth publicity. But in the end I must admit that your approach seemed very confusing and little negative to me. So I decided to write up and share some of my thoughts about it.            Mr. Entrepreneur, you said, "We have so many Ideas, but we don't have capital". and you also described it as the biggest hurdle in your dreams. I must say you are lucky enough to get a chance to prove yourself in challenging circumstances. I strongly feel that it's very important to take ri

Quotes by Deepbaazigar 14

                                                Quotes by Deepbaazigar  Quotes by Deepbaazigar  series is basically compilation of some of my tweets.                     You can follow me  @deepbaazigar  for more such quotes.  1) Remember, everything is fair in love and war and entrepreneurs are warriors who love their dreams 2) Don't tell us to change our passwords regularly, tell them not to hack  3) The bad thing about 'Artists' is they don't know how to market their 'art', the worse thing that they don't generally accept this fact and the worst thing that they are too possessive (about their arts) to trust other marketers who offer them helping hands 4) Voracious readers can never become good Writers as they can not develop their own thinking power (methodology) and end up being 'Compilers' and not true writers. 5) All visionaries are dreamers; but not all dreamers are visionaries.All showmen know how to sell dreams,but very few dream-sellers bec

Quotes by Deepbaazigar 13

                                               Quotes by Deepbaazigar  Quotes by Deepbaazigar series is basically compilation of some of my tweets.                     You can follow me @deepbaazigar for more such quotes.  1) The best thing about entrepreneurs is that they don't bother much about money; what they care about is - living in their dreams and converting them into reality.  2) When you respect your followers and consider their 'support' as 'leadership of their own consciousness', then it's a 'true leadership'  3) 'Experts' are the creatures who give you the same 'solution' with more 'confidence';Solutions which you have already 'thought of' but were confused about. 4) 'Money rolling' is what maximum financial services do; when they offer you double of your investments; But please understand; there is a limit to rolling and it can leave you rolling on your bed with tears.  5) Whenever you loose your pa