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Money Money Money

                                                       MONEY MONEY MONEY 

 Rich, Middle Class, and Poor this is how society is classified on the basis of 'wealth'. 'Haves' and 'Have nots' is the criteria on which Economics shows disparity between classes on monetary levels. Further Marketing  people generated terms like 'Upper middle class' and 'Lower middle class' to decide their 'Target Market' amongst the Middle class. This subdivision was very important because Middle class is the important class due to the level of volumes of consumption. Also the aspirations and dreams of Middle class people to live a luxurious life always been the growth factor for many household consumer goods and financial services. Rich people in India was considered as Niche group a decade ago; but the things are changing after the emergence of IT and Knowledge Processing industry in India. More people shifted in the upward classes. Although the opportunities of income increased and there was a notable growth in pseudo dispensable income of middle class but their purchasing power didn't increased; thanks to the inflation in India. 

                  The relation of 'Money' and 'Middle class' is really very interesting as there lies many hidden facts about the Structure of Economics in India. Middle class values and their age-old approach towards money has been studied by many eminent economist in India and they gave some of same conclusions. The main factor which governs the Middle class's approach towards earning money is their 'Attitude' towards it. 

    First thing; In Hindu religion and some other religions of India all the saints and mahatmas have written that 'Human being should not possess money which is more than his requirement as it leads to deterioration  of his soul'. When people surrounding you are hungry; and if you concentrate on generating huge wealth; you become guilty in the darbaar of God and so considered as Papi'. That's the reason Daan-dharma is suggested to all the rich people by many religions. 

Secondly Middle class people learn from the beginning how to adjust in whatever you posses. They are taught to compromise at every stage of childhood and so the teachings goes from generation to generation. Even though some parents teach their children to Save money; they don't teach them 'Investment' basics. 

Thirdly  the value of money is not properly understood by many middle class people. And when they realize it; they run behind money like anything. But even after earning what they dreamt; their lust never ends. And then the cycle continues. So those who understand how Money pulls Money;sometimes doesn't understand where to stop? It's very important to keep some target and be satisfied in it once you reach there. There is no point in losing whole of  the life behind the rat race to earn money; as we get life only once and it is very precious.So we should live it to the fullest. Learn new things, explore new places, make new friends, and do whatever we dreamt to do in our childhood. 

Fourth thing; Underestimating value of money is equally a dangerous thing. Paisa haath ka mail hai; Paisa kya hai? Aaj hai kal nahi?; these are some common dialogues which we hear from people. But seriously 'Money' is a piece of paper which doesn't see dustbin. and that the value of it. We need money to have a good life style and complete our basic needs. 

I won't say that money is required for happiness. Because that is never true. When someone thinks 'Once I will get rich; I will be the happiest person on this earth'. he is living a fake  dream as money can't buy happiness. It can buy materialistic life which gives temporary pleasure. You must be able to sleep properly in night without any guilt, without any tension and without any fear' Can money seriously give that? Think again

There are many more things which I would love to disucss about the topic, may be I will do it some other time. I hate to read lengthy posts. So I myself don't expect my readers to read lengthy posts. Thanks for reading; Please give your feedbacks in comments below. 


  1. you have so accurately brought out the importance of the basic value of contentment through your post. most of the problems that we have in our society is because people are not content with what they have. aspirations are good but as long as they are for a greater cause. in our society, the trend is to not just earn enough for one's own needs but also for the next seven generations. evolutionarily this has proved to be disastrous, but we do not learn from it. philanthropy is practiced more to assuage one's guilt for having amassed wealth through wrong means rather than as an act of genuine giving. of course, there are exceptions, but few. thanks for this nice post. you hate reading long posts, let me not write a long comment.

  2. Thank you very much Subho..It was indeed a genuine comment from heart.

  3. Money is important. However, one has to draw a line. I see people working like maniacs to make more money. Much more than they will ever need, because, all their actions are to generate more money.

    Not many people spend money for a cause. Neither do I see them spend money for themselves. Will they ever enjoy a silent moment without a worry in their brow. One has to have a work-life balance.

  4. True; Thanks 4 comment Indiawilds

  5. very nice. yes , you rightly said "one cannot buy happiness and sound sleep at night from money".
    in my opinion "money can give you many things but not everything"...
    felt good to read this.. :)

  6. I read a lot on economics and what you said the base reality of people, with no technical fundas, this is how we behave with respect to money.


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