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Geronimo Ekia

                                                                   Geronimo Ekia 

           On the first Anniversary of Most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden's death; LeT targeted many parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Seal Six team which killed Osama in Abbottabad,Pakistan may be the most luckiest soldiers of America who created history and finished the Geronimo who carried out 9/11  attack and shattered whole world. After George Bush's unsuccessful attempts of finding Osama; Afghanistan took long decade to recover. But the Jalalabad and recent terror attacks have once again made them realize that Terrorism is not over. In fact the followers of Osama bin Laden are waiting for revenge. The decision of USA to bury dead body of Osama Bin Laden into the Ocean was the masterstroke; as he would have become Martyr for his supporters. The place in Abbottabad where he was killed is likely to become the alternate Mausoleum. The contractor who got contract to demolish the Abbottabad Bunglow became rich overnight by selling bricks of the house. Surprisingly per brick he fetched more than $ 1,000; which itself shows that large crowd of Muslims consider him as hero. 

              On History Channel you must have watched documentary on the Operation Neptune Spear in which there is an elaborate explanation of the incident right from it's planning stage. It was assumed that there was only 50% of chances that the person hiding in Mysterious house in Pakistan was Bin Laden and yet Obama went ahead to take risk to go ahead with the Operation which was very courageous step as a President. It will definitely help him win 2012 election. It was really big blow for Pakistan that such a big operation took place in their country within 38 min. without their knowledge. It was so embarrassing moment for Prime Minister of Pakistan who kept denying Osama's existence in Pak. Americas friendship with India has always been the cause of concern for Pakistan so Osama's Chapter helped US to warn Pakistan for helping terrorism as Pak can't deny it anymore. 

               Fortunately on the Anniversary of Geronimo EKIA , India remained on high alert and no terror activity took place. But the new caution report by Intelligence has really created waves of concern for all of us. After 9/11, world understand that intelligence of Terrorist shouldn't be under-estimated. No one had ever imagined that Aeroplanes can be used as destructive weapons before 9/11. So, Security officers have to think one step ahead of terrorists.It has been seen in India that terrorists have targeted common public till Taj Attack. Prior Taj Attack; crowded places. local trains, busy streets,crowded places etc. were targeted. But Stock Market, Parliament etc. important places were also targeted in past. Their new targets which Intelligence declared recently are seriously very important places as they contribute major to economy of India. And the Inflation Rate completely depends on the prices of their product. Yes, you got it right. Refineries in India !

              High Alert has been issued to all the refineries of India; especially of Jamnagar, Gujarat. Some of the major Refineries in India are HPCL,BPCL, MRPL, Vizag Refinery etc. But Terrorists have done Recce of private refineries like RIL and ESSAR refineries. We have seen that Government takes faster actions when Terrors attack major Business houses. Train blasts were given least importance as compared to Taj Attack as elite group of people and foreigners were held hostages in later incident. Now after Tata; it's time to save Ambani. Hopefully our Home Minister will take all necessary steps to safeguard us from further terror attacks. We should not take intelligence warnings lightly and take proactive measures. 

                Indian economy is already facing lots of problems. Markets are down and moving sideways. RBI has used all the tools to arrest inflation rates and failed to do so. FIIs booked their profits and removed all their investments from India. Inflation rate; Adverse Balance of Payments, Droughts in many areas; Increased food prizes; corruption and so many other issues have hurt common man badly. In such bad situation any such terror attack will completely break-down our system and add more fuel to the anger of people. So UPA-II please stand up and take responsibility; every Indian is with you. 


  1. Thank you ,a very well written post,it has refreshed my knowledge of current events.

  2. Thanks Indu 4 your wonderful comment

  3. There is a whole set of economies to terrorist attacks and counter attacks. Very well written and explained.

  4. the first read on your page and it was a truly interesting one. Yes. exploring the Oil Industry and Ministry has been one of those addictions ever since I bought few RIL Shares and they never came back to the price I bought! :P attending one of their AGMs added to some more of knowledge! Well, truly explained how it remains critical for the country now, to deal with inflation and rising terrorism.. moreover feels like we are almost similar to Japan's economy which is still into high inflation! would explore your page more!


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