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Quotes by Deepbaazigar X

                                            QUOTES BY DEEPBAAZIGAR - X      Quotes by Deepbaazigar is compilation of my Tweets on Twitter;          You can follow me @deepbaazigar on Twitter 1) Averaging of shares in falling Market is like digging your own grave; Averaging of Penny stock is equivalent to using JCB Machine for digging it at faster pace.  2) Myth: Life is too short to keep experimenting; Reality: Life is too long to afford to stop experimenting 3) Please tie Nirmal Baba to Agni-V missile before launching it ( 18 Apr) 4) Intraday trading is suitable for pessimistic people; Optimistic people must stick to delivery type of trading.  5) The most valuable asset of middle class people is their 'value system'.

Geronimo Ekia

                                                                    Geronimo Ekia             On the first Anniversary of Most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden's death; LeT targeted many parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Seal Six team which killed Osama in Abbottabad,Pakistan may be the most luckiest soldiers of America who created history and finished the Geronimo who carried out 9/11  attack and shattered whole world. After George Bush's unsuccessful attempts of finding Osama; Afghanistan took long decade to recover. But the Jalalabad and recent terror attacks have once again made them realize that Terrorism is not over. In fact the followers of Osama bin Laden are waiting for revenge. The decision of USA to bury dead body of Osama Bin Laden into the Ocean was the masterstroke; as he would have become Martyr for his supporters. The place in Abbottabad where he was killed is likely to become the alternate Mausoleum. The contractor who got contract to demolish the Abbottabad B