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                                                          TIME TO CHANGE 

                                 'Guru' - Junior Bachchan's one of the best film till date. Character of Gurukant Desai was inspired by late Shri. Dhirubhai Ambani - Ek soch thi ek Sapna tha fame Entrepreneur of Reliance Industries - Yes the chor company (Jiske network se Sehwag ko Cricket Ground par bhi Maa ka phone aata tha). A guy working on Petrol pump became business tycoon who owned Petroleum refineries and who has become an idol for many entrepreneurs in modern history. But everyone knows how he achieved it. Gurukant Desai in film GURU has some dialogues in court which justifies his deeds. And glorifies the corruption and unfair means of businesses by Successful Entrepreneurs. History says that behind every success their is some crime. But people have habit of forgetting the mistakes by these people as the overall Charisma of their personalities and popularity of these powerful people suppress the  voices against them. Even if some F.I.R.s are launched against them, they get away easily due to loop holes in our judiciary systems and the slow process of justice. Justice delayed is justice denied holds true for Indian scenario.And these people are invited to speak about Business Ethics in various seminars. What a pity?

                TATAs are praised by people for their business ethics and the philanthropy based business philosophies. Infosys and Wipro also has good reputation when it comes to fair business practices. But the fact is that not a single business in India has flourished in India without bribing some government babus at some times or other. Still we saw these business houses on comparative basis and conclude which Company is 'Chor' and which is not. Everything is fair in love and war. And competition in every Industry is like a war for all these companies. Straight trees are cut down first is the wisdom thought by Chanakya and so Indians don't let his words down. Malpractices which are followed by businesses are present at every level of corporate world. But generally people aren't bothered about what loss Government has to bear because of the favor which corporate world gets from Govt. Ministers. BSNL /MTNL, AIR INDIA are the best examples of this. In Past, people like Pramod Mahajan took Salaries from Government but worked for Reliance Telecommunications and against the Public Sector companies. So the point is, we are not concerned about the things which are not directly affecting us as customers. But we are more concerned about unfair practices with us on personal level. e.g. when Reliance Energy sends us high Bill of electricity, with so many hidden charges. As a customer we feel cheated and keep cursing companies in our mind (as we know very well that hum kuch nahi ukhaad sakte). Common man doesn't like to get involved in court-kacheri and those who are ready to take on companies in consumer courts knows that they won't be getting justice but still they do it for their mental satisfaction of taking revenge. People are prone to accept all kind of harassments and financial cheating done by big companies and don't even bother to raise voice against injustice.

                    Many people know this characteristics of Indian consumers and hence they find India as a great potential market for their cheating businesses. I would like to give a great example here about Multilevel Marketing companies and Online Scam companies. Understanding the need of people to get rich in less time and knowing that people have good expendable income some local scamsters come up with some online schemes. People join these businesses by paying huge money and also involve their friends and relatives in these businesses. Promoters run companies from places like Gudgaon, Bihar, Dahisar but claim companies are of foreign origins like Australia, Singapore etc. And once they accumulate crores of money they fly away leaving all affiliates helpless. Those who come to know that they have been duped doesn't want others to laugh at them and stay zipped mouthed and those who try to approach police gets backfire as Police doesn't entertain their complaints by asking , who told you to invest? I am sure this might have happened with many of you. SpeakAsia Online, Earn Synergy are some recent examples of such Online Scams.

                On the Face of Customers Companies say that 'Customer is King' and laugh behind our backs as if we are clowns.Money is not the only thing which customer loses in such cheating cases, they also lose their peace of mind and their sleep. Feeling of 'being CHEATED' is more painful than losing money. So I personally feel that people should understand the DIGNITY of Customer and as a true responsible citizen fight against such companies in consumer courts for the sake of their Consumer Rights (if needed).It's time to change; Jaago Grahak  !!! 


  1. A very nice article indeed on general awareness Deepak Ji....there are many of my friends who are well educated but still when they went for some grocceries in the super market they never check the dates of the product and cheated by the shopkeepers....

  2. awesome one bro...loved it... :)

  3. I agree. Customer is king has been reduced to a just a rhetoric in India. In the west, they don't claim customer is king but the service provided would make the customer feel like a king. It's something that definitely needs to change in India. And customers should also be more aware of their rights and not be just silent victims.

  4. We are too many individuals trying to right wrongs. To make huge, strong arm enterprises - be they the government or business - accountable, like minded people have to get together, invest time and speak with one voice. Together, we can be effective. We indulge in armchair venting of anger and are satisfied. So sad about Air India. I was once a proud employee.

  5. I agree with you KayEm;
    Thanks 4 such valuable comment

  6. Thought-provoking..My only hope is that it reaches the audience concerned with..Nice to take general awareness through social media.

  7. Nicely written
    Well done yaar..cheers for the article :).
    Also Check out mine.Give your comment on it.
    Are Hijra's(TransGender) not a Human being.?


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