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                                                                            जानेवाले                                                                            जानेवाले कभी लौटकर नहीं आते;                                                             जानेवाले तो बस चले ही जाते है                                                              जानेवालो को जाना ही होता है शायद                                                              जानेवाले इसीलिए चले जाते है                                                                                                                          जानेवाले कहाँ जाते है आखिर?                                                             जाना ही पड़ता है क्यूँ आखिर ?                                                             जानेवाले आखिर क्यूँ जाते है ?                                                             जाते जाते सबको क्यूँ रुलाते है ?                                                                                                                    

Bullet days

                                                            BULLET DAYS        'Royal Enfield' was my first love in those days. All my friends learned driving on bikes like splendor, passion etc. but I learned to ride bullet first and then other bikes. It was strange for all because those who could drive bikes easily never found riding bullet an easy task. Whenever they tried to start my bullet they got hurt really bad due to back-kick. As it was my brother's bullet only he and I, we both knew how to start it without getting hurt.           I was kind of shy and introvert person till Y2K and didn't had any passion for gadgets till then. I was in love with 'dot com' world that time but didn't had any connection with bikes or biking. In the year 2000, my brother bought his first (second hand) bullet from one of my relative who has his own garage. It was ROYAL ENFIELD bullet of 1981 model.It was the first connecting cord between both of us that we bot


                                                          TIME TO CHANGE                                    'Guru' - Junior Bachchan's one of the best film till date. Character of Gurukant Desai was inspired by late Shri. Dhirubhai Ambani - Ek soch thi ek Sapna tha fame Entrepreneur of Reliance Industries - Yes the chor company (Jiske network se Sehwag ko Cricket Ground par bhi Maa ka phone aata tha). A guy working on Petrol pump became business tycoon who owned Petroleum refineries and who has become an idol for many entrepreneurs in modern history. But everyone knows how he achieved it. Gurukant Desai in film GURU has some dialogues in court which justifies his deeds. And glorifies the corruption and unfair means of businesses by Successful Entrepreneurs. History says that behind every success their is some crime. But people have habit of forgetting the mistakes by these people as the overall Charisma of their personalities and popularity of these powerful people suppress