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Natya Premi ki Durdasha

Sad reality

          This man in this photograph shows the reality of Indian Theater artists. It's really sad that old-age makes human lonely and dependent. Those who serve Theater their whole life; not even getting a food to eat after their retirement? Shame on all those people who think themselves as Artists and not seeing this sad face of theater-artist's life.Forget about rest of the Society; at-least the people in 'Theater Industry' should come forward to help these artists.


  1. these things have become common now :(
    In future even we can see SHARUKH like this !
    hard but true !

  2. It's really sad;
    I wish I should die before watching such days in my life;even the thoughts are scary.Life is so cruel :(

  3. Deepak, I don't know if "help the old persons because they were once artists" is the right way .. rather, prefer that s system is setup where persons get pension or allowance as their human right and not as charity .. a lifetimes work needs dignity and not to be reduced to "accepting help" .. though I know big words remain only words and persons have to eat.

  4. Deepak ji; What you are saying is absolutely correct. But it will not happen in India for more 5o years. So the community of people who do same work should come forward to make him survive rather than expecting it from Government. As he has to eat daily he can't wait for months-years to get any help from the pathetic system.

  5. sad but thats the reality of life

  6. Old age is like second childhood and I don't think any kind of wide spread awareness is going to break the so ingrained indifferent attitudes of people today!I really pity the ones so carelessly abandoned! :| What fault have they done?

  7. Haves must help Have Nots wherever possible...awareness is really important.

    Thanks Alka and Jen

  8. sad .. really sad to see those who kept us entertained look like this. There is a promo going on about a award function on TV.. and was shocked to see Rajesh Khanna look like he does now. I guess all those irregular hours and routines have started showing on them. However, you are right..the industry needs to help them out.

    A wonderful pleasure to come back again. Glad to be following you and this showed on my dashboard..otherwise..would have missed this:)

  9. Nothing funny abt this but I sure hope that this will not be me 30 years from now

  10. Confusedyuppie;
    It's not only about MONEY;
    It's about our society's attitude toward Old people

  11. Sad.....but its reality....

  12. i've sometime read about people who shot to tiny miny frame after their death and were never recognized for their life long efforts in various fields!!!

  13. Rahul; forget about recognition......
    They are not even getting food;
    That's a disgrace to our society

  14. That's hard reality of life!!!

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