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Anil Meena Suicide case

AIIMS New Delhi

            Anil Kumar Meena, 22 a student of AIIMS committed suicide on Saturday. He was bright student and could not clear his first year of MBBS which became the reason behind his suicide. Anil Meena was son of a farmer from Baran District Rajasthan. He stood second in Rajasthan state's PMT entrance test in ST category. Being Hindi medium student,he could not cope up with the studies of premier institute AIIMS. His classmates narrated his story to media. They told that he was not able to grasp English properly and started finding course difficult.None of the teachers helped him in his problem and started to avoid him as they found him incompetent.It affected his attendance. Due to inferiority complex he stopped attending lectures and eventually failed in his first year exams. He also failed internal exams which added more depression. On Saturday he locked himself inside his hostel room and committed suicide. One more bright student lost his life due to his rural background and vernacular medium. Worst thing is that people started doing controversial discussions after his death. Few morons concluded that most of the students who commit suicides are reserved category students. Hence reserved category students should not take admission in such premier institutes as they can't match up with the already bright general category students. Some even went further to say that Vernacular medium students should take English speaking courses after HSc, before entering vocational courses. That is ridiculous. 
            I have never understood the mentality of people why they generalize things so easily? Are all successful people from English Convent schools? Do all successful people belong to General/Open category? Infact, does Reservations and Medium of learning really plays such crucial roles in someone's career? Well these questions are debatable. But these are not at all related to Anil Kumar Meena's suicide. It's the attitude of students which plays vital role in such cases. Learning English is not so hard. I am from Marathi Medium school but it never became hurdle in my succcess. When we did our schooling;we learned A,B,C,D in 5th STD. Atleast nowdays all vernacular students are learning it right from the STD 1st.I agree that in some rural areas even the teachers don't understand English properly, so it's not student's fault that they speak wrong English.So who is more responsible for his suicide? English...Not at all. English could have been reason of his failure. But it was not reason for his suicide. No one fails till they quit. 

                  Coming to 'Reservation' part. General category candidates keep blaming Reservation System as they don't get enough opportunities due to reservation system and even students with less caliber gets good opportunities. So they keep fighting against it and thinks Dr.Babasaheb Amdedkar the main culprit behind the difficulties caused due to reservation. While Reserved category students feel that their whole community has been suppressed for so many decades by upper caste people, they have all right to get reservation as per the Government rules and so there is nothing wrong if they are using their right. But fact is that; In life opportunities are not everything. There are many people who have got many opportunities in life and still could not make it to top and there are many people who hardly got any good break still they made it large. So once enrolled in college, the syllabus is same, teaching is same, and exam papers are same. So where is the question that reserved category student are not capable to cope up with bright students? It's just a matter of hard work which one has do in learning the things which he/she finds difficult (including English). I can give you plenty of such examples. In Maharashtra students from remote villages (mostly farmers) have outnumbered students from big cities in UPSC, MPSC exams in recent times.Trust me when they start studies they keep dictionaries with them. So it's all about efforts of students which is crucial. 

    It's horrible that number of students committing suicides has been increasing year by year and to prevent it Government is making syllabus easier every year. A day will come when the standard of our studies will not be at par with the syllabuses of other countries. So rather than bringing leniency in syllabus, institutes should concentrate more on counselling sessions, personal guidance, motivational activities, periodic tests, revisions etc. India has great inequality in every field and education is not an exception to it. We have E-classes in some schools and some schools doesn't even have teachers. Our Government is planning VISION 20-20 only for 10% of population and rest 90% population is not even considered in their plans. Because when we see.. students sweeping classrooms, teachers sleeping in front of them, school peons taking lectures.. we get true picture of rural India. Some of you may get startled that most of the poor parents just send children to schools to have mid-day meals as they can't even feed them; so they rely on schools to  feed their children atleast once in a day. Worst part is that the teachers who are already not available for teaching are engaged more in other works like election, census, polio mission etc. No wonder students from such schools when enter colleges in cities get inferiority complex. I have seen a Bihari who had 100% in PCM in 12th from Patna University struggling 3 consecutive years to complete 1st year of B.Tech in our college.At one side we are tying up with foreign universities and at other side we are not even providing basic infrastructures for schools. Please don't tell any outsider that we have got independence 64 years ago. 


  1. Absolutely true Deepak.. It is quite a shame that despite all our strides, we still cannot get over the caste gap.. For me this all stems down to casteism.. Would a rich father's son have been left this way??

  2. Biased teachers are never good for any educational institutes.

    Thanks 4 comment Rajesh


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