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Zakaas Proposal

                                                         झकास proposal                                      Tension को खल्लास कर                                            Mention तू बिंदास कर                                            Love है तेरेको अपुनसे                                            आजा Item, romance कर                                             ऐसे न Suspect कर                                             Love का मेरे respect कर                                             लाया हूँ मैं दिल का present                                             प्यार से इसको accept कर                                             जोड़ी है अपनी superhit                                             एक दूजे को एकदम fit                                             तू है Jolly Angelina                                             और मैं तेरा Brad Pitt                                            खालीपीली बोम्ब मत मार                                             टाइम खोटी मत कर यार                   

सुना है

                                                                   सुना है                                                                                                   सुना है के अच्छे लोगोंके साथ                                                          हमेशा अच्छा होता है                                                          अगर ये बात है तो                                                          तो मेरी क्यूँ बैंड बजी रहेती है?                                                         सुना है अच्छे लोगोंको भगवानजी                                                         जल्दी अपने पास बुला लेते है                                                         जो मैं अबतक जिन्दा हूँ                                                          तो ये शायद उसीकी गलती है ?                                                         सुना है जो भी वो लोगोंकी खुशफहमी है ?                                                            या 'मैं अच्छा हूँ' ये मेरी ग़लतफ़हमी है ?                    

आखरी वक़्त

                                                            आखरी वक़्त                                                                         पड़ा हुआ बेबस लाचार;                                                             करू मौतका इंतज़ार                                                             उब चूका इस जीवन से                                                             बड़े अरसे से हूँ बीमार                                                             मौत आनी है सबको                                                             हुआ अभी जो साक्षात्कार                                                             जाने क्यूँ काँप रहा                                                             घबड़ रहा तू बेकार?                                                             काश आसानी से मरता                                                             नींद में आता हार्ट अट्याक                                                            न जुन्जता मैं बीमारी से                               

Too busy to care

                                              TOO BUSY TO CARE !!!        Mumbai is a mirror of entire India. You can find people from all the states living in Mumbai for their bread and butter.Mumbai has towers which are touching skies and also the slums with the worst face of poverty in the world. What makes Mumbai different than other city is the 'Spirit of Mumbai' which is unmatched. The people who doesn't even care to talk with their neighbors; have given shelter to the victim of flood in Mumbai in past. We have seen people coming on streets and showing their unity after the Terrorists attacks on Mumbai.Thus Mumbai has all the 'heart' which is required to build a really great society. Then what is the reason that we all get united only after worst events like Bomb blasts, Attacks and Natural calamities etc.? Why does the people who celebrate all festivals together, celebrated Victories of Dhoni and team in World Cups don't show unity on day to day l

Anil Meena Suicide case

AIIMS New Delhi             Anil Kumar Meena, 22 a student of AIIMS committed suicide on Saturday. He was bright student and could not clear his first year of MBBS which became the reason behind his suicide. Anil Meena was son of a farmer from Baran District Rajasthan. He stood second in Rajasthan state's PMT entrance test in ST category. Being Hindi medium student,he could not cope up with the studies of premier institute AIIMS. His classmates narrated his story to media. They told that he was not able to grasp English properly and started finding course difficult.None of the teachers helped him in his problem and started to avoid him as they found him incompetent.It affected his attendance. Due to inferiority complex he stopped attending lectures and eventually failed in his first year exams. He also failed internal exams which added more depression. On Saturday he locked himself inside his hostel room and committed suicide. One more bright student lost his life due to his rural

Quotes by Deepbaazigar IX

                               QUOTES BY DEEPBAAZIGAR - 9 ('Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series is compilation of the tweets by me on Twitter;                you can follow me @deepbaazigar) 1) Intellectuals always fail to gain power because they never understands that true power comes by having large number of loyal followers. They fail to establish heart to heart connections with their supporters as they always talk with brain and not by heart. 2) Market is 'UP' and your shares not gaining?? Gotcha; you are the same person who have girlfriend but she never allows you to touch her. 3) Whether it's a painful relationship or loss-making shares, you ought to get out of it before making any huge loss. 4) You must forgive your enemies, once your revenge is over.  5) Never underestimate power of violence, remember "latho ke bhoot baato se nahi maante." 6) History tells us that whenever an artist/writer/poet/academician abandoned his brush/pen to become warrior he u

Natya Premi ki Durdasha

Sad reality           This man in this photograph shows the reality of Indian Theater artists. It's really sad that old-age makes human lonely and dependent. Those who serve Theater their whole life; not even getting a food to eat after their retirement? Shame on all those people who think themselves as Artists and not seeing this sad face of theater-artist's life.Forget about rest of the Society; at-least the people in 'Theater Industry' should come forward to help these artists.