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Mumbai local trains and the travelers

     Sorry; as a true Mumbaikar whenever I hear a word 'Travelling'; the crowded local trains of Mumbai comes into my mind. Yes the same local trains with cattle classes (as named by Twittaroor). Year 2004 to year 2008 I stayed in VIRAR. So my daily journey from Virar to Santacruz taught me so much about life in Mumbai.I am born and brought up in Mumbai; I have seen the increasing load on local trains. Local trains are lifelines of Mumbaikars. Economy of Mumbai runs on these railway tracks. Western,Harbor and Central are not mere words in dictionary of Mumbai; these are like Blood groups of our lifeline. But WE people are not cattle. We are human beings who have learned to ADJUST our-self to the crowd of the city.             We come across different people in local trains. Those who have fixed train timings form their groups and soon become close friends of each other. These people enter in running trains and catch their regular seats. Some groups behave as if the whole compar


                                                            THACKERAYS                      Shivsena v/s MNS war is still on. Facebook is flooded with many photos/campaigns of Uddhav and Raj. Shivsena supporters circulating pictures related to "Karun Dakhavale" (We did it) campaign and MNS supporters boasting about their Dadar win. Ofcourse to win wards surrounding Shivsena Bhavan is itself a big blow on Shivsena's face. But the Overall performance in Thane and Mumbai kept both the Balasaheb and Uddhav satisfied. During election and after election there were many posts flooded about political methods of both the parties. I have my own opinions about the same which I am sharing in this post.                  Whenever people are not satisfied with the present government; they search for an option and if any political party successfully gains the confidence of voters in such situations; they surely get rewarded. The MNS factor was considered as 'Game Spoiler' as earl


                                                           HORROR in HORROR          Dead fish flows with the current of water. But the alive fish knows how to swim against the stream. We all want to conquer the things which we feel are beyond our capacity. We call them as accepting challenges. Why we take risk in life? Do we really have appetite for such things? We are afraid of many things in our life.There are some Sankaras like Kaam,Krodh,Lobh,Matsar,Bhay etc. In our life we try to control them by different ways. But we only feed them too. We are scared of watching horror movies. But the scary things make us happy. They satisfy our sankara of bhaya. But do you really know that nowdays what we are doing while watching horror movies? Read this to know....          I watched one silent movie called Nosferatu.It was based on story of count dracula. This is one of the famous silent era movie in horror genre. The movie music is really good and so the entire film.You can

Garden of Joy

PRAJAKT                                                 Pach dume teen dachmach chacham chachu chudu chudu da da hoop !!! No it's not a foreign language; it's a codeword language which was very famous Mantra among my childhood friends, and ofcourse it was created by me to keep entire team under my control. My memory says that it was made by me to fool some of my close buddies in my childhood, and it was very much related to the greenery around us in our childhood. I was captain of our group called 'Balmohan' created by me when I was in 5th or 6th Standard. The 'balmohan' team had 8-10 members including 3 girls in our colony. I grew up in Government colony of Santacruz Mumbai. in early 90s our colony was really awesome. There were all kinds of plants and trees in our colony.                    My father really loves gardening.We had variety of plants in our Garden. Right from Big Banyan tree to small Chinese rose plants. Many fruit trees including Banana, Sitapha

My favorite Silent Films

                                     MY FAVORITE SILENT ERA FILMS     Few months back I saw a photo of Sir Charlie Chaplin (with a wonderful SMILE) shared by one of my friend. During my childhood Doordarshan was the only medium where we could watch some silent era films of Charlie Chaplin.I love his legendary character TRAMP. Thanks to my big brother Govind - he made some characters and cartoons immortal in my memories through his wonderful paintings. He was Sir .J.J. school of Arts college pass out artist with magic in his brush. His favorite hobby was to draw paintings of cartoon characters of Disney.But mine favorite painting was that of The Tramp which he had drawn brilliantly with capturing all his expressions correctly. It was framed and nailed on wall as it was cheerful and full of life. So apart from Charlie I didn't knew any big names of Silent era films. But I am thankful to my friend who shared that picture which made me watch some silent films of Chaplin on YouTube.Whi

Double Dhamaka

JHUNKA BHAJJI  DOUBLE DHAMAKA !!!                            SETS YOU ON FIRE !     Bhagwaan jab bhi deta hai; chappar faadke deta hai :p                 Thank you INDIBLOGGER, AMUL and KFC  !!                                     

Making of Vote Kijiye

                                          MAKING OF 'VOTE KIJIYE'                    On 16th Feb  we have B.M.C elections in Mumbai. The general trend of any election is most likely to be continued this time also. Only 40-45% people of India vote during election. But those who vote are real citizens of democratic India as they understand the real meaning of Democracy and value the power of right to vote. In Maharashtra the battle between Shivsena and MNS has become so fierce that Uddhav and Raj have not kept any stone unturned to throw mud on each other's character. Even Congress and NCP leaders are enjoying this tussle as they know that this fight helps them to divide Marathi people votes. Ramesh Kini's murder case has been came into limelight again after allegations of Chaggan Bhujbal on Raj Thackeray. The increasing power of Ajit Dada Deputy CM of Maharashta in NCP has already upset Chaggan Bhujbal; so mimicry of Raj Thackray was enough for him to vent off his frust

Vote Kijiye

वो लोग दीवाने होते है

                           वो लोग दीवाने होते है                          जिस देस में हम रहते है                                  जिस देस में ट्याक्सेस भरते है                                   उस देस को अपना कहते है                                  हम खुदको सयाने समझते है                                     हो बंगला या कोई फ्लैट ही                                   हम उसको घर अपना कहते है                                     परदेस में देसी कहलाके हम                                       खुदका दिल सहलाते है                                      जब याद उनकी आती है                                       जो परदेस छोड़कर देस गए                                         हम उनपर हस ही देते है                                         जो लोग दीवाने होते है                                        बंगला गाडी ऐशोआराम                                        इसीको सफलता कहते है                                         जो छोड़ इन्हें वतन लौटे                                       हम उनको दीवाना कहते है     

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2012 - Video by Ashwamedh Kalamanch

KGAF11 Memories

Ashwamedh Kalamanch s visit to Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2011 Video, Films, Movies, Free, Online, Download, Documentary Videos - BE THERE