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Too much of religion

                                              TOO MUCH OF RELIGION 

            Jai Shriram , Jai Shri Krishna, Hari Om, Salam Walekhum, Jai Bhim, 
 I have many friends and they do start conversation with different words. Yes they feel proud to start with these words as they belong to those respective religion or community. There is nothing wrong in their practice as they follow what has been taught in their religions. But real problem starts when people with 'Too much of religion' in their minds expects same things from you. The question is how you react to these people ? There are mixed opinions on this. Some feel 'Jaisa des waisa bhes aur wahan ki bhasha' is the right way to adopt. You will see Indians working in Qatar,Dubai,Doha using 'Salaam Walekhum' to greet local residents. As we are living in Global world this is completely normal and acceptable, but the same people when visits India; deny to greet Indian Muslims with Salaam Walekhum. Because they know that we are in our home country so we need not follow same rule here. The second type of people are rigid they never compromise with their beliefs. They never adopt the words of other religion and stick to there own methods. Even if a Asaram Bapu follower starts conversation with 'Hari Om'; these people always stick to their own ways. 

                   People like me start with normal Hi,Hello, Namaskaar, Namaste etc. I find it's a completely great way irrespective of what the other person feels about it. 
But this post is about fanatic people who not only think extremely but expects others to behave like them. These people try to impose their opinions on you and always try to make themselves odd man out. Secularism is like TABOO word for them. Such fanatic people exists in all religions and they always try to act as Morale police. I came across some people on Facebook saying that they will not greet Happy New Year on 1st January and will do it only on GudiPadva, as it is the Hindu New Year. I said fine; as you wish. But then they started to preach that we should protect our culture and follow our religion. Ok these are the same people who celebrate their birthdays according to English calenders and doesn't even know names of all the months of Hindu calenders. I felt really pissed off with their philosophy. Although we celebrate GudiPadva with same enthusiasm and I am equally proud to be Hindu; but I am strictly not in favor of extremism. I still remember same thing happened few years back. We had a big group of 30 friends in our residential colony. One highly religious Buddhist friend created a lobby of 7 Buddhist friends  and this lead to groupism. They expected others to say 'Jai Bhim' while greeting each other which was their ridiculous expectation from us. Height is that; some of them were well educated Engineers. Respect each other's feelings but don't expect such foolish things.We all used to help them in organizing Ambedkar Jayanti program.Come on yaar,Dalits or Budddhist don't have copyright of Babasaheb? He is Bharatratna.And all of us respect him from our chilhood. But such extremism was not at all acceptable. The roots of religion is so deep in such people that they keep spoiling their relationship with others. One of my friend's Gujju friend got deserted from his community for looking after his Muslim friend's family after his friend's accidental death. There are many more such instances which I have seen in my life. Fortunately I have always kept a safe distance from such fanatic people. A wise person should never try to teach such Kattarvadi people. 

 Humanity is above every race,religion and community beliefs. Our India is amalgamation of so many cultures and we are proud of its unity in diversity.We are proud that Sachin Tendulkar is our Master Blaster. We are proud that Shahrukh Khan is our King Khan, We are proud that Manmohan Singh is our Prime Minister. Because we are proud that these people represents our India all over the globe and we feel proud that they are Indian Idols. The day will be really bad when we will start categorizing them as Hindu,Muslim and Sikh respectively. So please don't let it happen.
             Live as a 'Human Being'; even God has created you to be one !!


  1. wonderful post !
    too much of religion is too bad for Humans !

  2. Yeah; seriously...
    Thanks 4 reading Deepak

  3. Good one...
    I don't know how to deal with such people, maybe they need a few moral education courses.
    Being an atheist I have to face a lot of such problems.

  4. If you peep into the lives of many religious persons you will find that they pay only lip-service to their religion.Rituals & dogma is all they follow.When it comes to living up to the moral principals they are nowhere in sight.If we actually followed our religious teachings there would not have been so much crime & corruption.

  5. I always felt religion is too personal a topic to be brandished in the face.IMHO a greeting should be secular religious orientation. At the same time one should be proud of ones culture.
    Anyway thank you for sharing your thoughts on the topic.


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