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Save Water and Second Annual function of Ashwamedh Kalamanch


 On 19th January I saw an Ad on 'Cell phone cinema' contest on internet and decided to make a video using cell phone. My Samsung doesn't have good resolution so I called up Rajendra and asked him for his I-phone. During shooting of NAKOSHI shortfilm I had decided to make an advertisement on 'Love Peg'. Love Peg or Master peg is generally referred to the last peg of drink. People do think that the last drops of the liquor are more concentrated and if you drink those drops you will always get successful love-life. hahaha...Don't know from where these concepts comes to India?
         Once I asked my friend why does he tap Whiskey bottle under it? His answer was something like this.'We can smell liquor, we can see it's blend color, we can also taste it, but we can't hear it. And to make all the senses satisfied with liquor, we tap underneath the bottle. lolz. Whatever....?
           Rajendra arrived at home with his I-phone. I sent him down to Bhangaarwala to bring an empty Whisky bottle. He came back with  empty bottle of Bagpiper. We prepared a black tea and poured it into the Whiskey Bottle then arranged some Farsaan, Paratha and Mineral water bottle on a table and started the shooting. I told Rajendra the whole concept and also the scenes and the camera angles. He did pretty good job with the Camera. I-phone camera picture quality is really good..He finished shooting and went home. He then transferred all the videos in his computer and saved a copy in pen-drive to give me the raw footage. Initially I told him to Edit the video; but he found it difficult to make it just 1 min. length video. He was confused about which scene to select and ended up arranging video of 3-4 min. length. So I told him to leave that editing part to me and concentrate on the preparation of 2nd Annual function of Ashwamedh Kalamanch.

               Ashwamedh Kalamanch celebrated it's 1st Annual Function on 1st Jan 2011, when only 12 members were there with us.But in the year 2011 we did many projects and added many more members to Ashwamedh family so the expected guests for the second annual function were upto 40. But we changed venue from Dadar to Virar and the guest list also decreased accordingly. Virar is too far and people do not like to travel in crowded trains if something is not so much important for them. We knew it so we did arrangement of chairs and snacks, roses, thank you cards and Our DVDs for only 25 people and as expected  only 26 guests came for the event. But the event was good. Guests loved our overall program and also the shortfilm Nakoshi which we premiered on the same day. But none of them knew the History behind the arrangement, and that is something coincidental to the recent short advt. SAVE WATER.

       There was no water supply on 21,22,and 23 in Virar. The reason was that the central pipeline of BMC Water of Surya Prakalp was broken and so people were fed up of irregular supply of water through tankers. Everyone wants water but no one wants to pay Society the cost to bring the tankers which lead to fights in the Societies. Hence the secretaries of residential societies are mostly targeted for this major issue of water. It was said that the water supply was cut by Thakur and Vasai vikas party so as to provide water for the event of 29th January where Kshitij Thakur, son of Aamdar Hitendra Thakur was getting married. The same day there were hundreds of marriages taking place in one tent and to attend the event all the big Congress leaders including Maharashtra Chief Minister expected to come. Whatever may be the reason but those were worst days for the Virarkars.

                     You won't believe it, we even found it hard to get 25 chairs for our event, as all the decorators of Virar were ordered to send their chairs to the Thakur's venue at the Virar east for the event right from 25th Jan. We used reserved water for cleaning up the terrace and home on 24th and the whole day of 25th we wasted in gathering water from neighborhood. Everywhere there was scarcity of water, so many neighbors refused to provide water. Anant Chavan have many relatives in Virar west. They helped us out and provided us the much needed help. WATER. We carried 20 litre cans to my flat on 4th floor on our shoulders thrice. and managed enough water for the event on the following day. Seriously you can understand the real value of water if you stay in such places.

            After so much of efforts we celebrated the second annual function in memorable way. The event was good and so was the response of all our guest. But one thing, will always be remembered by us about this event and that was 'the arrangement of water'.

To conclude : Understand the value of water; Save water...


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