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Sets you on fire !!

                                            SETS YOU ON FIRE 

                               Runner up prize winning post
                                           Thank you Indiblogger and KFC 
           Many times in our life we come across people who think themselves as 'God'. They think that whatever they do is the only right thing and rest whole world is wrong. These people have so much arrogance and ego problem that they start behaving like Hitler. Trust me; I have been a target of such people thrice in my life. And every time I have gone through lot of mental pressure and disturbance. But in all the three situation my sharp mind and my fiery tongue helped me come out those sticky situations. In my life, I have took some most powerful people head on and yet survived miraculously. I could do that because, every time I  compared the level of risk we both had (me and my opponent) and came to conclusion that I don't have much to loose. People say if someone pushes you in the water,hold his/her legs tightly.But rather than pulling legs I believed in pulling their pants down. Those who have achieved a lot of respect in their lives ; make their 'image' their biggest weakness. And I always used this weak point to win in such situations. 

                Although the impact of such sticky situation has remained on my brain for longer time, I do not want to disclose any serious incident here.But I'll rather share only the milder  incident. In 2008, in my first year of MBA I came across a very difficult and weird person.He was our teacher for one of the 1st semester subject (We will call him Prof. HK). In his introduction lecture itself I realized that this person is highly egoistic and he will give ATKTs in wholesale. He was very tall and was resident of Malad.In his first lecture itself he gave us long list of rules and regulations, and allotted more than 50% marks of his paper only for attendance.He used to tell us that he don't teach for money but was visiting faculty for many colleges at distant places of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai :P. He used to tell us that he has soft corner for girls and made them to sit in front rows entire semester and gave them marks in 'Khairaat'.He used to differentiate even in girls. He used to like only those girls who laughed at his jokes and in intervals stood outside of classroom to chat with him surrounding him in a circle. He declared himself as Kishan Kanaihyya and kept flirting with girls whole semester.In short Prof.HK was 'Tharaki no.1'. He used to pull legs of boys in front of girls to make them laugh (impress them), and poor guys used to keep quite and get ragged by him just because he had MARKS in his hands. He never allowed late comers in classroom and used to take chocolates from them in next class. There is a FaceBook group on his name called 'For those who feel that Prof.HK needs life' and there are more than 100 students in that group. Can you Imagine I took Panga with such a weirdo?' OMG Hahaha even I can't still believe that I made throw that sick Professor out of our college by bringing his Tharki-ness in light in front of entire college with the help of our class coordinator and one sensible senior faculty of our college. Reason ? He took Panga with me Hehehe ;)

         In our first meeting after introductory lecture,he met us in train. My friend Rahul said 'Hello' to him and we started conversation.He was also Maharashtrian,so we kept speaking in Marathi only. Rahul alighted at Vashi and left me alone to get torturer by him whole journey till I got down at Wadala.I kept wondering How much a person can boast about himself ? Doesn't he get tired of blowing his own trumpet whole day ? After that meeting itself I got symptoms that their will be some argument between both of us very soon. And that day arrived within few weeks. In one of the lecture he taught us 'how to handle your subordinate?' and expected all of us to handle them in same way. And then we started the role play on one case study on similar situation. When my turn came, I gave him a 440 Watt shock. He was completely annoyed to see me bossing.I was pretty sure that my style of handling of over smart employees as a strict boss was correct, as I had previously done it in same way while running my coaching classes. He explained that such attitude will not be accepted in corporate world and you will get pink slip for this. And I argued that leadership styles can differ from person to person,I won't tolerate any tonts from my subordinates on work place and (I also added here that) at least if the Organization belongs to me.He was completely pissed off due to my entrepreneurial mindset and argument justifying the 'autocratic' way of leadership. He started to feel the heat and then completely changed his track. He forgot his own preaching and started to play in power-play mode. He started dominating me and started insulting me like anything. I saw his body language changing and eyes filled with hatred. Ultimately he showed his real face. He started making fun of me and started pulling my leg in front of girls to make them laugh at me. But my all classmates Sshhhhd me after realizing that argument is taking wrong turn and not a single girl laughed at me. They just signaled me to 'Keep Quite'. And rest of the lecture I just took defensive stance. After that incidence Prof.HK treated me as his biggest enemy whole semester and ultimately failed me in his subject. 

             After watching my result our Class coordinator realized that something was really fishy about it.How can a person who has got distinction in most of the subject fail so badly in his easy subject? She showed the courtesy to call me and extended her helping hands. I told her calmly that I don't want to bend down on my knees in front of him just for passing the paper; I was ready to give the repeat exam but not to apologize him. Entire college knew my case and knew that Prof HK failed me due to his 'Khunnas' but none of them intervened (although all stood together if any decision affected whole class). So the problem was now completely 'personal'. Soon I realized that I must not succumb to his pressure and fight for justice.Initially I felt that I should not go against my teacher; then I thought that whatever he did was completely unethical for the teacher's profession. I myself was behind that table for several years. Hence I decided to fight back. Attack is the best defense. I called our class  coordinator and explained her my side of story; I heard other side of story from her and realized that to fail me he manipulated my attendance. This made me more angry and I started to gather support from my classmates. I met those girls who never allowed him to come close to them and ended up getting just passing marks. I knew one thing that my attendance issue (with which he was attacking me) was nothing in front of the girls issue (which was our counter attack).Before indulging in this game of revenge, I didn't knew what does 'character assassination' means ? . While doing this, our class coordinator requested him to give me some assignments to complete my assessment and pass me. That Tharaki no.1 could not say NO to a girl . And ironically my teacher was 1 year younger than me and a real beauty :)  As per the game plan we met our dean and complained him about that sick Professor. Although Prof.HK is well known teacher in Mumbai and respected personality in B-Schools his weakness for girls became his reason for termination from college's contract. Thankfully when our College Management realized their mistake they cleared me after taking assignments as internal assessment

             That period was completely stressful and emotionally draining one, but I kept my head cool and used my brain and my convincing power to come out that horrible situation. Just like a fire is needed to make sticky chicken crispy and come out of bones a sharp mind and fiery tongue is needed to come out of such sticky situation in life. 

Thanks KFC for giving me a chance to share my experience via this contest;
and also for the yummy MEAL at KFC,Linking road Bandra (West), Mumbai :-)




  1. Its really shameful when a teacher forgets his ethics and starts to work on the basis of personal grudges.

  2. But what to do? Human being is very complicated animal afterall

    Thanks 4 reading Anupama ji

  3. congrats bro !
    what about RUNNER UP coupon ? GOT ANY ?

  4. Thanks Deepak;
    Not yet; will reach soon ;)

  5. This is my first time I visit here. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. You spoke about some interesting points here. I have to admit that I am now subscribed to the blog site, it is quite fine.

    Thank You


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