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Quotes by Deepbaazigar - VII

Deepak Doddamani ' Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series is compilation of some of my tweets on Twitter You can follow me on @deepbaazigar on Twitter Lokpal Special Quotes 1) Blame it on Parliament if 'Anna' becomes 'Yeda Anna' 2) Anna to Rajniti Prasad : Faad diya? Mera bill faad diya?? Main nahi khelta lokpal-lokpal ;) 3) Padmashri Laloo Prasad Yadav's right place is 'Comedy Circus' 4) Neither Ruling party nor Opposition wanted Lokpal bill as it was their death warrant 5) Thank God; stumps and Hockey sticks are not allowed inside Parliament.  Poor chap speaker always has to take aggression of some rowdy Mantris. 6) Rajniti Prasad; Baap ka maal tha; jo faad diya?? Lokpal bill Bharchuk... 7) Anna ek special Janlokpal dena; extra malaai maarke :p 8) Mirza Ghalib would have committed suicide after hearing all the Sher-o-shayaris in the Parliament used completely in wrong contexts. 9) Earlier I used to think that best acting school in India is 'NSD Delhi&#

What a Game?

                                                WHAT A 'GAME'?          ' Gutter politics' at its best. Congress showed once again that they can always check-mate BJP in gutter politics. And BJP again proved that they are capable to sit in opposition only; wohi unki aukaat hai. What a game? Aisehi 60 saalse; Congress desh par raaj nahi kar rahi. Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitely etc. tried to prove that they were willing to bring strong Lokpal and don't wanted Congress to take entire credit of passing Lokpal. BJP wanted to prove that 'Congress' is not willing to bring strong Lokpal and wanted to gain sympathy of all Indians who have supported Anna Hazare in anti-corruption movement. So this is what we saw in Loksabha and Rajya Sabha. But truth is that neither ruling party nor opposition wanted Lokpall bill to pass; as it was like death warrants for all of them (corrupt politician). They just played blame game to prove people that they too wants to curb corruption


                                           Insensitive                                                                                 With dead insensitive souls everywhere,                            The world has become a biggest morgue                         Like nurses in hospitals don't get suffocated,                        So the fishermen working on the fishing dock                                               A drunkard sleeping in the urine and sweats of his own                  Doesn't mind to fall in Gutter or platform or foothpath                        How can a butcher feel sorry for animals he kills?                  As he has practiced daily to cut them with no mercy in heart.                   No wonder we don't feel bad for the poverty around us,                    No wonder we don't feel sad for the swines among us;                 We don't feel sympathy for victims who get killed in violence;                       As we have extended more a l

Ek Machchar ...

                                             एक मच्छर                                                           एक मच्छर साला आदमी को हिजड़ा बना देता है                                     एक खटमल साला खून में जहर फैला देता है                                     चंद चुने हुए लोग कुर्सी क्या पा लेते है,                                    साले अपने आप को खुदा मान लेते है                                     पर उनको खुदा बनाने वाला सोता है                                     क्युकी वोटिंग करनेको भी वो रोता है                                     साला एक मच्छर आदमी को हिजड़ा बना देता है                                                                          रोता है महंगाई के कारण,भ्रष्टाचार  को सहता है                                     जब बोलने की बारी हो तब भी चुप ही रहता है                                     रोज सरकार को कोसते रहता है                                     पर खुद की ताकत नहीं जानता है                                     क्या करे, साला एक मच्छर आदमी को हिजड़ा बना देता है 


R & D (Not  Research & Development ;) How Girls React ? I like her, Ahem Ahem I adore her Ooooo I love her Awwww But can't tell her Boooo - Deepbaazigar

Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Memories of 2011

Thank you friends for loving 'Ashwamedh Kalamanch' in 2011 We will keep you entertaining in 2012 too.... Please share this video on Facebook ;) Keep Visiting WoD

Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Memories of 2011

Mallya's Christmas Song

Estyle ;)                                                                Sing-Along a Christmas song;   Jingle bells ding dong dong    Spend vacations in HongKong          Take Kingfisher flights for journey long          Eat plum cakes and be cuong              But don't forget to drink Kingfisher strong - Deepbaazigar                                                                                       

Anant Chavan in 'Nakoshi'

Making of Nakoshi Part - 3

                                                                 Promo of Nakoshi                                               MAKING OF 'NAKOSHI' - part 3                   Short-film making is not a rocket science. Short films are like projects for media students to learn basics of film making. The process is real fun. Not only students of film line or mass media make short films, many amateur video makers make shorts.In last few years It has been seen that in every short-film festivals there are more than 300 entries.That itself shows that there are many such groups involved in short film making just because of the 'filmy kida' inside them. Professional short film maker spend Rs.1 - 1.5 lakhs in making short films while amateur groups do the same thing in 5-10K. College students spend even less than this as they have large groups and generally they get actors, directors, editors among them itself. To shoot with professional camera Rs.6K has to be spend per day as a

Companies V/s Politicians

                                                    COMPANIES V/S POLITICIANS  Courtesy : Google Image                            Companies are spending lot of money on their internet Marketing. The important part of their Sales promotion is Online Contests and Quiz. The trend is now decade old but it still works; as people like to win such contests and get those prizes without much efforts. To increase the number of participants in such contests or quiz, very easy questions are asked and the prizes are very attractive. Ohh no no, I am not discussing anything about MARKETING here (For that I have separate Blog on Marketing ). I am sharing my experiences of winning ;)                      Generally I don't participate in Online contests so often because I know that it's just a data collection method of marketers. But thanks to DND services and new rules by TRAI that I give my mobile numbers to such companies (by filling contest entry forms) without any hesitation. SPAM filter is


                                                            GET SETTLED                 SALMAN KHAN लोग कहते  है के सेटल हो जाओ; हम कहते है के कान मत खाओ सेटल तो धुल होती है कभी हवाको सेटल देखा है ? सेटल तो फिजा होती है कभी घटाओ को सेटल देखा है ? अभी तो खेल कूद की उम्र है हमारी बाकि है और भी जवानी ढेर सारी  देख ली हमने कई कन्या कुमारी पर मिली ना हमे  निर्जरा हमारी - दीपबाज़ीगर                      

Sets you on fire !!

                                             SETS YOU ON FIRE                                   Runner up prize winning post                                            Thank you Indiblogger and KFC                   Many times in our life we come across people who think themselves as 'God' . They think that whatever they do is the only right thing and rest whole world is wrong. These people have so much arrogance and ego problem that they start behaving like Hitler . Trust me; I have been a target of such people thrice in my life. And every time I have gone through lot of mental pressure and disturbance. But in all the three situation my sharp mind and my fiery tongue helped me come out those sticky situations. In my life, I have took some most powerful people head on and yet survived miraculously. I could do that because, every time I  compared the level of risk we both had (me and my opponent) and came to conclusion that I don't have much to loose. People say if someone p

Nakoshi - A Marathi short-film by Ashwamedh Kalamanch (Promo)

Love Triangle

Raison d'etre

Nana Patekar - A real student

    Mr. Nana Patekar with Shri. Pandurang Nitore (First Peon मामा  of our school)        Ok, I am writing it now only because may be till tomorrow I will be out of his magic, may be till tomorrow I will miss some points.No I don't want it to happen.So here I am writing about the magical evening of today. Today I attended our school's Golden Jubilee function. I have done my Schooling from Samarth Vidyalaya, Santacruz (East). This school started in Dadar first in 1962 and then moved to Santacruz few years later. Many students of Samarth are now well established in their field of work. But like 'Shardashram' school is known as Sachin Tendulkar's school; our school is known as Nana Patekar's school.           Nana Patekar studied in Murud-Janjira till 4th standard before coming to Mumbai. He was very notorious student and was not in good company there. So his parents send him to Mumbai at his Mausi's home;so as to give him a good future. But within a year his Ma

Making of 'Nakoshi' : Part - II

                                         Making of 'Nakoshi' part - II A still from Nakoshi           Ashwamedh Kalamanch's journey is slow but steady.With Nakoshi,we are first time trying to make some improvement in 'art direction' area of short-film making. The best part is we don't have any person directly/indirectly associated with film making field, but we dare to learn every aspect of short-film making by watching other's work and using some tutorials available on YouTube.We don't have any Godfather or any guide.We are the modern 'Eklavya' who learn maximum things out of curiosity.May it be Editing or may it be Camera Angles.                      Nakoshi's shooting started on 11.11.11. Friday at Abhijeet Sakpal's house in Nalasopara. We reached to Nalasopara in the evening to shoot Nakoshi's birth scene. As per script we had showed that Nakoshi's father is a construction worker in Mumbai and he lives in one of the under cons

Quotes by Deepbaazigar VI

                                          Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 6 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series is basically compilation of some of my tweets on Twitter.                        You can follow me @deepbaazigar on Twitter. 1) Entrepreneurs have humility on their faces all the time while employees face humiliation most of the time. 2) The craziest thing about MLM/Network Marketing business is people try to contact their friends sleeping in graves too; and reminds them of their friendship which they have remembered suddenly :p 3) Scarcity of resources makes my work more challenging; in turn encourage to think me more creatively. 4) I like to search/spot only two places on Google earth; one my residential place and second my office of Ashwamedh Kalamanch 5) Fight with AIDS and not with 'AIDS patients' just because they have AIDS. 6) Thank God, Salman Khan did Operation of his Face; otherwise he would have become Sly Stallone of Bollywood 7) Kapil Sibal should be send t

Golden Jubilee year of Samarth Vidyalay

                                     ( Note : Actor Nana Patekar is a proud alumni of our school )

Making of 'Save Birds' - A short film by Ashwamedh Kalamanch

A still from 'Save Birds'               Ashwamedh Kalamanch team is working on Marathi short-film 'Nakoshi' based on 'Save Girl child' cause. We have almost finished the shooting and last schedule of short-film shooting is remaining.Earlier I decided to keep realistic sad ending of the short-film but after thinking for some days; I have decided to keep 'Happy Ending' to it so as to give some positive message.We do shooting on Sundays as all are working people. As usual last Saturday night I went to Virar so as to wake-up early morning on next day and empty the bed room to create set of Hospital there. As I entered the room and opened the door of my terrace I saw a little bird hopping on my terrace.                      I have a terrace flat in Virar where we do all the shooting of Ashwamedh Kalamanch's projects (Short films and Webserial Hasya Jatra).The home remains closed for 5 days and so we keep all the windows and doors completely closed before

Ashwamedh Kalamanch's short film - 'Save Birds'

Making of Nakoshi part - I

                                       MAKING OF 'NAKOSHI' - PART I Bhargavi Chavan as 'Nakoshi'                            14 th November 2011, on Children's day (बालदिन), there was this News on many News  Channels that 222 girls named Nakoshi/ Nakoshia/ Nakusha/ Nirasha were renamed by local health care department officers of Satara,Maharashtra in one social program. 'Nakoshi' means 'Unwanted' girl. It's really sad that in India thousands of girls are named as Nakoshi/Nakusha by their parents. Let me tell you; not only poor illiterate parents but also rich and well educated people do this thing. The reason is that they feel 'girls' are burden on them and a big liability.Poor people feel that girls will not become their support in their old age as they will go to their husband's home after marriage and hence they do not educate these girls. Mostly those who already have 2-3 girl-children name their next girl as Nakoshi/Nakusha.     

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - V

                                                      Deepak Doddamani aka Deepbaazigar                                                                Quotes by Deepbaazigar - v     1) Be humble; and you'll see, the world will start respecting you for what 'you' are.     2) Affair with famous person can make you famous only till you are seen with them;            I wonder when will girls understand such simple thing? :p         3) 'Humiliation' is an integral part of 'Selling'; but I can't take it while selling         product/services which are not made/designed by me.      4) Marry the person who loves you; instead of person to whom you love.         Wait for that person if you are lucky enough; else leave it to the destiny      'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series is compilation of some of my Tweets on Twitter.                      You can follow me on Twitter @deepbaazigar                          You may also like ' Quotes by Deepbaazigar - I