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Why CAT?

CAT 2011

          This post is about my personal experiences of Common Aptitude Test. Well, let me clear it in the beginning itself that MBA aspirants won't get any tips, guidance or any food for their brain here. 
     MBA is considered as one of the prestigious degree in India which can give opportunity to earn higher package salaries.No it's not true, as not all MBA's get good jobs. B-school brand matters a lot. Hence the race for admission in IIMs and IITs is getting fierce year by year. The season of Management exams starts from October with CAT and ends with CET in Feb. In between SNAP,XAT,NMAT,ATMA,MAT exams dates are placed,mostly on Sundays when local trains are generally not available due to Mega blocks and the only option of BEST buses are flooded with people. 
            I completed my MMS (Marketing) from BVIMSR, Belapur in 2008-2010 batch.Although MMS admissions are based on CET (State level) entrance exams, I have experience of appearing for CAT twice in my life. First time in 2007 (before my MMS) and second time in 2011 (after my MMS). (Please note, MMS is Master in Management Studies and not Poonam Pandeywala MMS). The reasons of appearing for both the CATs is quite weird in my case and sincere CAT candidates will kill me after reading the reasons. But I hope if I'll explain the entire plot,they will realize it. 

          After my B.Tech I was in the coaching classes business for 4 yrs. I started Science classes in partnership with one of my friend who had experience of running classes for School students (8th - 10th Std). So after the gap of 4 long years it was quite difficult to appear for any entrance exam. I used to work really hard during those days and ignored my health very badly,which resulted in my Kidney stone operation, which in turn made me re-think about my career. I was already fed up with the increasing politics in the classes and wanted to leave it after the 2006-2007 Academic year. There was great scope of expansion of classes, as we had worked hard to built the foundation. But I don't wanted to be a 'Frog in the Well',so I decided to move on. The decision was not so easy. After B.Tech, I directly jumped in the Business, so after such a long gap of 4 yrs; I knew I can't get job in my field of degree. So I had only two options in front of me,either to start my Own Coaching classes separately or to go for further studies and become Fresher in job market after MBA. I chose  the second option.

         In May 2007, I left Coaching classes field completely. June and July I did nothing. I guess in August I joined T.I.M.E institute Dadar for CET.How to start studies after such a big gap? From where to start? Whether I will be able to study again. So many questions kept hovering over my mind.So the only reason of mine for appearing for CAT 2007 was to 'GET A FEELING' that I am no more a teacher,but a student again.Yes,that was the only reason. Perhaps I was the only student from our T.I.M.E. Dadar branch who appeared 'CAT 2007' , just to feel the pressure of studies and not to Crack it. Surprisingly,without studies I got 68 percentile which helped me re-confirm that I can easily become student again. 

         Today I appeared for CAT 2011, and the reason is equally weird. After completing my MMS, I worked as Marketing Manager for NIIT for few months and I realized two important facts about me. One that I can not work for anybody else. And Second that I can not take humiliation in Sales field for selling products/services which are not designed/made by me. I could not digest the transition from respectful teaching professional to hardly respected Sales personnel. Teaching profession seriously gives you lot of time as compared to other professions. So again the reason behind appearing CAT today was not at all related to interest in research. It's the freedom of time which teaching field offers, has started attracting me. 

CAT of 2007 and CAT 2011 were two completely different experiences which I will share in my next post.


  1. great to know about your experience bro, we have a misconception that only Top scorers in CAT are best and another misconception is that Only MBA guys are best in management, Dabbwalahs never pursued MBA :)
    I have an aspire to become a MBA and sort of dreams are there with me, hope i will also post a similar one on my experience :) Thanks for sharing !

  2. Yeah agree with u dude, so many myths about MBA. All the best 4 ur attempts.
    Thanks 4 comment Deepak ;)


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