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Still from 'Nakoshi'

Anant Chavan in Ashwamedh Kalamanch's short-film 'Nakoshi'

Making of 'Save the Elephants'

                                      MAKING OF 'SAVE ELEPHANTS'             My sister and her son Aditya, both returned from Kolhapur as her Diwali vacation got over on 11-11-11. Aditya's dad had bought him a big long truck toy which he showed me the same day. Girls play with dolls but boys love gadgets and automobiles.My nephews did loved speedy cars which run by pulling backwards and setting free. But for Aditya more than speed, size of the vehicle matters. So this truck has became his favorite toy now.The sound of alarm and the lights make it a special toy.Due to it's size, I decided to make a video using this toy.I am a big fan of Golmaal series and the car stunts in Golmaal are too good. Children love to make stories using their toys and crashing toy cars thrills them too.       I decided to add an emotional angle to it. Children are sensitive and innocent. They do not have any fear,till we instill some. They find dinosaurs interesting and snakes beautiful. They d

Jhunka Bhajji

                                Jhunka Bhajji : Accidental recipe                            (Warning: Never try this at home :P)  Runner up prize entry Thank you Indiblogger and Amul :)      I love cooking. Being chemical technologist, I have really good experience of working in a chemistry lab and experiment with chemicals. I do same thing in Kitchen. YouTube is my source for inspiration for cooking. I usually try recipes by Manjula and of course Sanjeev Kapoor (Khana Khazana Channel on YouTube). But sometimes, those dishes turns into disaster. I usually don't like wastage of food,and hence try to modify it as I had habit of manipulations in readings in chemical labs ;) In very extreme case I feed that recipe to dustbin.I will share one of such recipe which I prepared accidently due to fiasco.  What you need for it:  Besan - 50 gm Onion - 2 big Tomato - 1 medium  Green Chillies - 2/3 Cooking oil - 4-5 teaspoon Cumin seeds - 1 table spoon Mustard seeds - 1 table spoon Chilli Powde

'Save Elephants' by Ashwamedh Kalamanch

CAT 2011

                                                MY 'CAT' EXPERIENCE            Common Aptitude Test was considered as one of the toughest entrance exam few years back. Last 2-3 years the trend is changing gradually.CAT 2011 had different format. There were two sections 1) Qauntitative Abililty and Data Interpretation and 2) Verbal ability and Logical reasoning. Each section had 30 questions and time allotted for each section was 70 min. Apart from 140 min. of CAT exam, 15 min of EXAM tutorial was compulsory before actual exam so as to understand online examination method. It was made mandatory to appear 1 and half year before the scheduled exam time for checking and bio-metric identification in prometric centre. I can understand that materials like watch, pen, bags and mobile are not allowed in examination hall,but the worst thing was even the hanky was not allowed in side prometric lab. I felt bad for those student who were suffering from the cold and were sneezing continuous

Why CAT?

CAT 2011           This post is about my personal experiences of Common Aptitude Test. Well, let me clear it in the beginning itself that MBA aspirants won't get any tips, guidance or any food for their brain here.               MBA is considered as one of the prestigious degree in India which can give opportunity to earn higher package salaries.No it's not true, as not all MBA's get good jobs. B-school brand matters a lot. Hence the race for admission in IIMs and IITs is getting fierce year by year. The season of Management exams starts from October with CAT and ends with CET in Feb. In between SNAP,XAT,NMAT,ATMA,MAT exams dates are placed,mostly on Sundays when local trains are generally not available due to Mega blocks and the only option of BEST buses are flooded with people.                              I completed my MMS (Marketing) from BVIMSR, Belapur in 2008-2010 batch.Although MMS admissions are based on CET (State level) entrance exams, I have experience of appea

Children's day special post

                                      14th Nov 2011 : Children's day / Bal din/  Bal diwas 

Ling ling ling

Rockstar (Courtesy: Google Image) लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग पुल्लिंग, स्त्रीलिंग, नपुसकलिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग श्रीलंका का बोलर है लतीश मलींग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग अशोका था जीता ब्याटल ऑफ़ कलिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग टपकता है पानी जब लिक हो सीलिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग भेलपुरी में डालो चना और सिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग टपरी पे पियो रोज एक कट्टिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग पप्पू कांट डांस साला पप्पू क्यान सिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग संता बन्ता कहते है सिंग इस किंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग फ़ोन की घंटी बजे ट्रिंग ट्रिंग ट्रिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग लिंग फालतू है ये कविता मुझे है फीलिंग - दीपबाझीगर  

Sher-O-Shayari - I

                       तुम्हारे दिल में कोई कोना ही मिल जाएगा              हमारे धडकनों को भी आशियाँ मिल जाएगा              मत बढाओ धडकनों को इस कदर के              कमज़ोर दिलको मेरे,'हार्ट अटैक'आ जाएगा               - दीपबाझीगर  रा वन गूगल इमेज वो जब जब क्रिमिनल चिल्लाते रहे आप तब तब तशरीफ़ हिलाते रहे तब जाकर हमे समझ आया के शायद अंग्रेजी में तशरीफ़ को 'क्रिमिनल' कहते है - दीपबाझीगर           

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - IV

                                           Quotes by Deepbaazigar    'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' are basically collection of some of my tweets on Twitter.                    You can follow me @ deepbaazigar  on Twitter Deepak Doddamani   1) Never show your wounds to the World as common salt is commonly available  everywhere   2) 'Experience' speaks in every language  3) People who show you 'attitude' on their faces, don't forget to kick their asses 4) Even if they know everything, 'arrogant' people are good for nothing  5) Life is a cocktail, straighten up neat 6)  Possession of Nuclear weapons may be considered as sign of Nation's power, in fact its a sign of weakness and insecurity     You may also like 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' posts I , II and III                         

Cocktail (कॉंकटेल)

(Courtesy: Google Images) लाइफ तो है कॉंकटेल,पीकर जा आया है जहाँ में तो जीकर जा खुशियों की थोड़ी उसमे शक्कर मिला गम की कडवाहट को पानी में घुला प्यार का निम्बू थोडा उसमे निचोड़ दोस्ती की हनी चख,दुश्मनी को छोड़ बर्फसा कूल हो जा ले ले तू मजा अल्कोहोल का ब्लेंड जीवन, कर ले नशा लाइफ तो है कॉंकटेल,पीकर जा आया है जहाँ में तो जीकर जा - दीपबाझीगर 

Woh Shahrukh ki Deewani

                                                                    (Courtsey: Google Image)    वो शाहरुख़ की दीवानी थी, उसे मिलने की उसने ठानी थी  कभी बात न कोई मानी थी  वो करती बस नादानी थी   वो शाहरुख़ की दीवानी थी  बड़ी अलबेली मस्तानी थी    बस अल्हड उसकी जवानी थी   वो दुनिया से अनजानी थी  वो शाहरुख़ की दीवानी थी  अब सबसे वो बेगानी थी  एक परदेसी की रानी थी  न्यू जर्सी रहनेवाली थी  वो शाहरुख़ की दीवानी थी  शिकागो की शाम सुहानी थी  जश्ने आज़ादी मनानी थी  संग शाहरुख़, गौरी,सुहाना थी  वो शाहरुख़ की दीवानी थी    उसके साथ तसवीर खिचानी थी  मिल उसको बात बतानी थी  की वो शाहरुख़ की दीवानी थी       वो शाहरुख़ की दीवानी थी     पर उसका कोई दीवाना था     उसके ख़ुशी के खातिर उसे      शाहरुख़ से मिलवाना था जो उसका वो दीवाना था बड़ा रोया और पछताया था  जब शाहरुख़ और उसके साथ उसके पति देव को पाया था  जो उसका वो दीवाना था  वो शाहरुख़ खान से बोला था  तू क्यों मिला न तब जब  मुझे उसको तुझसे मिलाना था?  एक उसका वो दीवाना था जो शाहरुख़ की दीवानी थी  ये उनका ही अफसाना था जो अधूरी प्रेम कहानी थी  - deepbaazig

Judaai (जुदाई)

(Courtesy: Google Image)       जाना तेरी जुदाई से    दिल में दर्द उठा है     लगता है यूँ  बेवजह     रब मुझसे रूठा है      तुझसे बिछडकर मेरी         दुनिया थम सी गई है       यादोंमे तेरी, मेरी          आँखे नम-सी हुई है        फुरकत के पल ये मुझको       सदियोसे लगते है        तेरी ही जुस्तजू में         दिन मेरे कटते है         बेशक तुम रूठो मुझसे           पर जाना न दूर इस दिल से          जाना तेरी जुदाई में         मर जाऊंगा कसम से      - दीपबाझीगर         

Extra Time

                                                            EXTRA TIME              (Courtesy : Google Images)                     Ask any football player what is the importance of 'extra time' in life. Watch pleading faces of students who beg for extra time during examinations when the paper is lengthy. 'Extra time' means a lot. The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they manage their time? Everyone gets 24 hrs in a day, but what matters is 'how you utilize your time?'                  How will you spend two extra hours, if days are made of 26 hrs? The question made me think, do I really value time? And to my surprise the answer was 'NO'. In my life I have spend lot of time in sleeping,watching television, surfing net and many other such activities which can not be considered as fruitful. I have seen some movies 10-10 times ( Jumanji, DDLJ, Sholay, Terminator etc. list is long). I have been active on internet from a

Making of First Impression

                                      Making of 'First Impression' Still from 'First Impression' (L to R : Jitendra Patel, Deepak Doddamani, Abdul Hakim Ansari)                     Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra webisode no.10 was added recently to Ashwamedh Kalamanch and Hasya Jatra blogs. Webisodes 10,11,12 are already present on these blogs,but as these are animations prepared on 'Go Animate', I have uploaded 'First Impression' as Hasya Jatra webisode no. 10 (considering large number of viewers of   Ashwamedh Kalamanch channel on YouTube).                                    Ashwamedh Kalamanch is an art and cultural center (group) in Mumbai founded by me in August 2010.We started it to propagate India's art and culture among children through various Art related Competitions,Events,Workshops,Seminars.We stared with a successful event of AKDC'10 (Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Drawing Competition 2010) in Oct.2010 and then followed Marathi

First Impression - Short film by Ashwamedh Kalamanch

Marathi Rangbhumi din

P L Deshpande              5th November is celebrated as Marathi Rang bhumi din by entire Theater community of Maharashtra.There are many events organized by drama groups all over the state. Some Drama competition's finals took place on this day. And some producers deliberately release their commercial dramas on this day. Marathi theater has great history from 1843 to 2011. In India Bengali and Marathi literature in drama industry is famous all over the world.Many scripts have traveled across globe and have been translated in many global languages. Many eminent personalities in drama industry have represented Maharashtrian culture all over the world.Many actors who worked in Bollywood in several movies have started their careers from theater. During last decade, the number of audiences for Marathi dramas showed great decline. After state Government's corrective measures, the Marathi movie theaters started getting subsidy and many Marathi movies were released tax-free. But this

Patzad (पतझड़)

पतझड़  झड जायेंगे पत्ते सारे, आनेवाली पतझड़ में तुम रहना साथ यूँही मेरे, जाना चारो मौसम में तुम जो साथ हो मेरे मुझे बहारो की क्या जरुरत है साथ तुम्हारे जानेमन पतझड़ भी खुबसूरत है - दीपबाझीगर                                                           

Keenan and Reuben murders case

(Courtesy: Google Images)                                 "Mumbai killed my Son",was the sentence by Niraj Grover's father. And now Keenan's friends are blaming Mumbai for it's in-sensitiveness. I have grown up in this beautiful city and I feel sad when someone blames Mumbai for anything. It's one of the most secured place in India to live. Mumbai people are really helpful and have great unity. How can city which have heart to accommodate and feed lakhs of people be responsible for someone's murder? How can a metro city where people from different languages,religions, states and countries live together happily will turn into crime city,suddenly ? Let's accept the fact that the migration,the poverty and the unemployment are major reasons behind crimes. But then what about crimes like eve teasing and rapes which are due to poverty of  characters and conscientiousness ?                      Those who can think rightly, can act rightly.Thoughts can be exp

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - III

  Quotes by Deepak Doddamani / Deepbaazigar is compilation of some of my Tweets on Twitter.                                (You can follow me @deepbaazigar on Twitter) 1) Blame it on Mirza Ghalib if Deepbaazigar gets converted into Islam  2) Genuine people can not become good Politicians, as lots of manipulations are required in this dirty game. 3) Real 'man' never do gossips, real 'woman' never do bitching :p 4) Who cares if 'Anna' is Gandhivadi or not? We are 'Annavadi' and that is enough for us to get inspired (for the battle against corruption). 5) If people misunderstands you,try to understand their 'misunderstandings',if you really care for them  6) Someone please send Rahul Gandhi to Bermuda Triangle, as I have started getting Nightmares that he is the future Prime Minister of India  You may also like my previous posts on my Quotes:  Deepbaazigar quotes  1 and 2 Deepak Doddamani (Deepbaazigar)