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Ohio Animals Killed

                                                            OHIO ANIMALS KILLED

Terry Thompson and Sign put by Ohio police
(Google Image)
                 Terry Thompson, an Owner of a private Zoo in ZanesVille Ohio, set his animals free in his neighborhood before committing suicide. Out of 56 wild animals escaped free in city, 49 were gunned down by Police to protect people of the Zanesville. 

   Terry Thompson: Ohio is a heaven for many wild Animals. It's a place where you can get a 'legal licence' to keep wild animals in private zoo. Terry Thompson was one of them who loved wild animals and rescued many of them from owners who kept them at home as 'pets'. He wanted to create natural habitat in his zoo Muskingum Country Exotic Animal Farm,which was spread almost 73 Acres area in ZanesVille. 

    Muskingum Country Exotic Animal Farm: Terry Thompson had collection of more than 100 endangered and exotic animals in his farm. It included wolves, tigers,lions, bears,baboons,leopards,monkeys etc.People from surrounding area used to come there specially to see the wild animals.But for his neighbors, the zoo and its animals became huge problem.They complained to local police several times and Terry was jailed under the allegation of keeping animals malnourished and keeping weapons (firearms) at home. 

     Suicide: Terry Thompson was disturbed last four years and had developed anger against neighbors and local Sheriffs. Recently only he was discharged from Jail. On 19th October evening he deliberately opened the doors of cages of animals after cutting the fences of zoo.Then he died by shooting himself with his gun. The wild animals set free started running hey-ware in country-yard. Some even attacked Terry's dead body.He didn't kept any suicide note before dying,so it will remain secret that why he took this foolish step to free animals in this way?

   911 : People from surrounding area who saw wild animals started calling police on 911.Initially Police thought, it's a kind of prank-call.But soon some more calls made them realize the real situation and panic in area.They made all squad alert and contacted Jack Hanna, a wild life expert and Ex- Director of  Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The time was running out of their hands as it was hardly 2 hrs left to fall dark and it would have become impossible to control animals after nightfall.So they had to act faster.

Matt Lutz and Jack Hanna
(Google Image)
   Jack Hanna: John Bushnell or Jack Hanna is a Wild-life expert who was ex-director (1978-1993) of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Also known as 'Jungle Jack',he is a hardcore animal lover and is responsible for increased standard of Ohio Zoos.He helped Zanesville Police in the mission to protect people from beasts. His knowledge of tracking down exotic animals proved important is that situation. He assisted Zanesville Police in tracking down Cheetahs, Lions,Tigers,Monkey and Bears. According to Jack, the incident was quite tragic and he will never forget it till his death.He defends Ohio Police for keeping human life above animals but his heart cried for those beautiful wild animals who got killed. 

   Matt Lutz : Matt Lutz is the Muskingum Country Sheriff under whom entire mission took place. He knew he had just 2 hrs in hand to contain all 56 Wild Animals which was definitely a much difficult task. He knew it was not at all possible to drug so many wild animals without any human deaths. So after a failure of some tranquilizer attempts,he ordered his team to open fire and gave shoot at sight order. In his opinion Wild animals should be kept in Wild habitats. Lutz and his team are proud that they saved lives of several human beings,as per their duty oath. Jack Hanna understands what it means of killing 18 extincting species of Bengal Tigers,but still he finds that the decision Matt Lutz took was the last option to save people of Zanesville as there were hardly any guns with tranquilizer provided to Police.

  Massacre: On Tuesday evening Sheriff's deputies killed 49 out of 56 precious animals which includes : 18 Bengal Tigers, 17 Lions,3 mountain lions,  6 black bears,3 grizzly bears, 2 wolves and a baboon. Apart from these one money who was Herpes B virus infected has been suspected eaten by tiger/lion. Those animals who survived includes a greezly bear, 2 leopards and 2 monkeys, are sent to Columbus Zoo. The killed animals were burried where they were shot down. 19 Oct.2011 surely is the worst day for all animal lovers across the world.

  Discussion : Everyone understood the action which Ohio Police has to take in that situation,but the question is why such an incident happened in the first place? 
Is only Terry Thompson responsible for the escape and deaths of 4 dozens of precious animals who are already on verge of extinction, or is it a fault of legal system of Ohio which has lenient laws for Conservation of Wild Animals? Can government ignore the responsibility of Wild Animals in their countries who are living in such private farms.

  Human being has responsibility of everything around him including animals,plants, environment,and even space. If we think we are superiors to animals and consider human life above all other creatures then we must act accordingly. We belong to this planet,and it's our planet.We should take all precautions to avoid such incidents in future. We have lot of things to learn from this unfortunate killings of 49 innocent wild animals in Zanesville,Ohio.    

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  1. Very good topic you brought up here. I have read similar stories about wild animals domesticated as pets for their own whims and then later the animals suffer a poor fate. As you pointed out, legal intervention in such cases should be proactive and not reactive. Nice post! :)

  2. Thanks Raj..
    The news encouraged me to write a post on it,because I felt it's a Universal issue and not only related to USA.

  3. Thanks Matt.your Comments and info.on Facebook Status made me take this news seriously. Thanks again

  4. Very well done! Thanks for the summary. This would never have happened in California, as it would not be legal for a man to privately own such a park without following VERY strict rules and regulations and it would have to be termed as a wildlife "reserve" or "sanctuary"....different states have different laws. In California you can't even go fishing without special, expensive permits, and if you are caught, you are fined to death. But, I agree with you...this is a world-wide problem. Have you ever read on the history of "zoos" and "wildlife parks"....very interesting how it all developed.

  5. Thanks Alice,
    I have not read about it yet.But I will surely read about history of Zoos and Wildlife parks :)


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