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My Accidents

Deepbaazigar in  TamilNadu (Dec 2005)

         I remember, I was admit in Hospital and had to skip my first Semester of 4th Std. exam. My left leg was plastered due to an accident happened as a result of my heroism. There was a huge 'Cement Tile' on which we used to keep Drum of Water. One day when I returned after watching He-man cartoon, I found the Drum was cleaned by my Mother and the Tile was kept vertical near wall to wash the floor down it. I just danced around to check whereabouts of my family members and went straight to Tile to show my muscle-power. I shouted, 'He-man and the Masters of Universe, I have Power' and pointed my Sword towards my Cat 'Tilluji Sr' to make him Tiger. Then I hold the upper sides of  Vertical placed Tile and slowly started making it horizontal. Before it could touch the ground, it took my left leg under it. I could not handle the weight of that heavy tile and it crashed on my  leg fracturing the bone. I started screaming for help. My Aai came running from Kitchen and lifted Tile to remove my leg under it. Baba (My father) was working in the garden. He heard my crying and came running towards us. He-man got  admitted to Hospital and stayed there for week or so. 

        My second accident was funny. I was in 7th standard. In our building there was one 'Istriwala'. In those days laundry people used to have a heavy Iron 'press iron' with wooden handle on it. Yes, exactly, Coal Iron. Istriwala Bhayyaji  use to keep his Red hot coal in a Bucket near a corner outside our Building entrance. In the evening at 6 p.m. while playing with my friends, some how I lost my balance and fell inside the hot Bucket. My backside got stuck in bucket and I started shouting loudly.Bhayyaji pulled me outside of Bucket. Fortunately the upper layers had layers of ash,so the injuries were not severe. After the accident, I could not sit for many days due to those injuries. My school friends started teasing me with the code word BB, which meant 'Burning Bum'. That was the weirdest accident of my life.

        My third accident was more of a 'stunt'. It was 7th December 1996. I remember the date clearly because it was the birthday of my friend Sheetal N. I liked that girl a lot and assumed that she had crush on me. Whenever she used to look in my eyes I could see some sparks of her heart. I was too shy to spend time with her. But she was quite bold and bubbly. That day I was returning to home from somewhere. I caught bus at Santacruz east bus depot and took the 50 Paisa ticket. Due to rush in the bus,I decided not to move forward and stayed there. When bus crossed Vakola Market, I saw Sheetal and her friend Kanta eating Vada-pav near Vakola Market's 'Vada-Pav Gadi'. They were returning from Saraswati classes.We all were S.S.c students and it was prelim exam period. I knew she would not come out once she reaches her home.So here was the golden opportunity for me to meet her and wish her. So I decided to alight at next stop, Vakola Masjid. I was standing on backdoor. As bus-stop came near, I realized that the bus-driver was not in the mood to stop the bus at that stop. Perhaps there was no one at the front door.I got restless and decided to jump from the running bus and without second thought, I did it. In few seconds I found myself sliding on Dambar-road like 'Diego Maradona' used to do on football ground after scoring a goal. I found my both hands bleeding. There were scratches on my knees.The people on the Bus-stop started scolding me. 'Abey Hero, marna hai kya?', someone asked. I gave him smile, and started walking towards Vakola Market. I wiped the blood on my hands ,and tied the hanky on right elbow where wounds were deeper.I  opened my sleeves to hide my wounds. I met Sheetal and wished her happy birthday but didn't told her about what happened earlier. I realized about my pain only after reaching home.

     Fourth accident was perhaps the most dangerous one. My brother had Royal Enfield bullet, a heavy 1981 model. I loved riding it because of it's sturdy nature. Bullet gives you Macho feeling. Once, after a seminar at Kalina, my brother requested me to drop Manisha, a friend and downline member of our 'Network Marketing group' to Kurla station. She sat behind me and we started moving towards Kurla. An Auto-rickshaw suddenly appeared in front of us from nowhere. I applied emergency brakes which scared hell out of her. I comforted her and dropped her to the station. But the heated argument with Rickshaw driver had made me angry. On return journey, I increased the speed of Bullet as anger started increasing in my brain. Near Kalina Market on uneven road my bullet skid in speed. This could have been fatal accident, but I survived due to good presence of mind of the truck driver who applied brakes on right time. I could not forget that accident of 2004. 

          Fifth accident was perhaps my last accident till date. It was in 2007, when I was learning to  drive four-wheeler. My friend Praful taught me some basics of driving on Maruti 800. I grasped driving lessons quickly and drove for almost 30 min. in-stretch in Virar. When I reached society gate,I asked Praful to park car inside society. Praful refused. He thought I could easily do that as I was driving properly till then. So I decided that,Ok I can do that. On sharp turn near Society gate car  stopped suddenly due to steepness of road at entrance. He advised me to start again and accelerate bit more. I started the car kept legs on clutch and then tried to enter into the society through half open gate.The extra turn made Praful shout loudly,"Brake...Brake"....! And in confusion, I pushed accelerator instead of Brake. Dhaddaaaaaaaaaaam !! I banged my car on our colony gate. There was big damage to car,fortunately both of us were fine.Praful felt guilty for expecting too much from me on first day itself.But I knew it was my over-confidence that caused us the accident.

From 2007, fortunately there are no more accidents in my life.
These are some of my past experiences....


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