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Ichchadhari Naag

Courtesy : Google Images
      I wanted to be 'Ichchadhari Naag', perhaps that was the most weird fantasy of my childhood. I had great influence of King Cobras even before I was born. My mother worshiped  God Nagnath of Siddha Nagnath temple in Wadval,Solapur as she wanted Son after three consecutive daughters. When I was baby, my mother used to take me with her to do Puja of real Nag near Peepal tree in our colony on the Nagpanchami.

                  My fascination for snakes increased when I saw Sridevi starer movie Nagina in my school days. Whenever I used to visit any Lord Shiva temple,my eyes would start searching for Cobras near Banyan trees outside temple.I was lucky enough to see many snakes in our P & T colony,Santacruz in my childhood.The colony was really green till late 90s when every garden got replaced by concrete tiles.

            I still remember, one fine day when I came out in garden with brush in mouth, something passed crawling on my foot and when I realized it was snake,I jumped with fear. Then the second encounter with snake was something similar in nature. Cobra passed through brown leaves on the ground when I was plucking some flowers from Jaswand (Hibiscus-Rosa) tree in our garden. I used to stay on ground floor of one-storey building in Government colony. My father had lot of interest in gardening, so our Garden was always clean and all my friends used to play in our Garden. We used to play some crazy games like Ram-Lakshman-Seeta statue, Karti-dubess press, Pakada pakadi, chor police and Aatya-Patya.

         I steel remember, once when we were playing, we had one weird encounter with a big Cobra. Perhaps we were playing Chor-Police (Thief-Cop) that day. For almost 3-4 minutes, a cobra snake followed Chor (my friend Sona) and I was running behind Chor and  Cobra simultaneously till Cobra took left turn and disappeared in bushes. In an another instance when we were playing Kurti-dubbes press, a modified version of hide and seek, we saw a dancing snake couple for the first time in our life. We were hiding on terrace and just saw down to check whether we could get a chance to kick Kurti (Half coconut cover). We saw a couple snake dancing in the Garden beautifully. Both cobras were lengthy and were standing high up and twisting around each other. The whitish color of Cobras,  amazed me more. We called everyone on terrace to watch the dancing cobras (mating or combating, not sure). Almost 16 of us watched them till someone clicked photograph and due to flash light both ran away and never appeared again. Apart from these reptiles, I have also seen many water-snakes in colony gutters. My friends used to catch crabs in those gutter holes which had clean rainy water flowing with speed during Monsoon. They used to insert grass blade to remove crabs out of their holes,but end up running, shouting  after watching snake coming out of the same hole.

             My interest for snakes increased more when I started reading 'Nagraj', a comic series by Raj comics. My desire to become  Ichchadhari Naag increased after reading the Anti-terrorism fights by my superhero Nagraj. Sometimes I wished that all Cobras should give their Nagmanis to Indian government to irradicate poverty.I was under the impression that the lights of all Nagmanis can easily illuminate entire Mumbai. The revenge stories of Nagins made me think that if I could not become Ichchadhari  Naag, atleast I should marry an 'Ichchadhari Naagin' due to her deep love and photographic memory.

 As i grew up I started to understand the realities of snakes after watching Discovery and National geographic channels. But after several years,when I saw a movie Jaani Dushman - Ek anokhi kahani....I again wished to become 'Ichchadhari Naag' :)



  1. Interesting wish Deepak and even I was fascinated by those movies. My wish however was to get diamonds and pearls...Enjoyed reading it, transcends me to my childhood days...:)

  2. Lol,U read it even b4 I finished writing..

  3. Man, you took me back in time. Nostalgic! Good luck for getting your promotion to Ichadari. Lol...

  4. I loved reading this!! You are such a gifted writer....I always enjoy a visit to your blog!!

  5. Alice,thanks 4 your encouraging words

  6. Oh sweet & fascinating wish u still kept with ur heart to become ichcha dhari naag...keep on believing because universe is full of those miracles which are beyond human thought & limitations...all the best..and thanks a lot for sharing your all exclusive childhood memories with this!!!


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