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Malini Murmu suicide

Malini Murmu
(Image courtesy: Twitter)
       Malini Murmu, a bright student of IIM Banglore committed suicide after reading a facebook status of her boyfriend Abhishek Dhan. As per news channels the  message was something like this,
"Feeling super cool today. Dumped my new ex-girlfriend. Happy independence day.”

This disturbed her and she decided to take revenge by committing suicide.She wrote on the white board in room,“He ditched me. This is the best I can do to take revenge.”

        It's really a sad news. A bright B.Tech student from KIIT,a good emloyee of Infosys who had joined a prestigious MBA course of IIMB ended her life in such tragic way.It's completely sad to see such a high IQ student,didn't had good EQ. She took very extreme step to teach her boyfriend,a lesson. 

         Is it really a Facebook which became reason of her death? or should we blame her boyfriend for her death? No, it's completely her fault as she could not deal with her emotional outbreak.She didn't even thought about her parents (who stay at Ranchi) before ending her life. Tragic and Stupid ....

        Life style disorder,peer pressure, break-ups in life etc. are becoming new reasons for deaths of several youth in Metro cities.Recently, we saw the news of L & T employee from Thane who killed her wife and tried to show it as suicide case.That 24 yr boy was also a bright Engineer from VJTI. How can brilliant people take such drastic steps?

People are dying of brain haemorrhage due to lot of stress. Youngster below age 30 suffering from pressure on heart. Even dying by heart attack. It shows how the pace of life is killing youth at prime time. 
         It's very important to have friendly relationships with your children,when they enter in adulthood.As they need maximum emotional  support during their early twenties. Rather than cursing the new generation you should try to understand them,guide them. Because even if you have faith in your up-bringing, friend circle and peer pressure plays vital role in  their life. 'Move on'  and 'live-life fullest' philosophies have been misinterpreted by youth.Materialism has become Mantra of coolness and Volatile relationships has become fashion. Mental stability is missing behind the fast-money ambition.This is not only applicable to youth in Metro cities.Second tier cities shows the same trend. 

Youth energies if channelized properly,can make wonders. So there is really a requirement of good social science tools which can be used to educate youth about humanity & spirituality. So that they can handle their emotions,mental pressures,passions etc. There are many ways to stop such 'meaningless deaths' & prevent other youngster from taking such terrible steps.

      Just imagine,how could have Malini's parents felt when they learned about her suicide for the first time.'s really painful. Our sympathy for them.

Let's pray for Malini Murmu's soul !!


  1. What kind of guy post a message like that? And, why she took her life. She had such a bright life ahead. I'm feeling so sorry...And, I am feeling all the more sorry for her family...May she rest in peace. One more thing, use social networking sites properly, it's there to reduce the distance between close ones not to humiliate someone...

  2. Sometimes,youngsters purposely do it;so as to show their partners that they can move on.They do it to show their worth...

  3. Ya.. i read somewhere that people who commit suicide think just about themselves.. if they spend at least a sec thinking of others or how every problem has a solution they wouldn't do it..

    Those who die are not brave... those that carry on with life are brave..! Nice read..

  4. Yes,absolutely...Life is precious !
    Thanks 4 comment KP.

  5. Malini - u should have atlest once thought about your parents before taking this step, also the bright career that was ahead of you.. The boy who could do such a gross think dint deserve your precious life at all !!

  6. This is very very unfortunate. This should not have happened. However, I wish to point to two important issues. 1. Why is the govt. interfering in failed relationships? Why is it criminalising failed relationships and love? 2. Why are men alone booked for failed relationships? When many men have committed suicide because of being ditched by their girl friends and have left suicide notes to that effect, the police don't act. But, when the same is done by women, the police, media and society are swift to act and arrest the accused man. This is blatant gender discrimination of men. The feminists who make tall claims of gender equality are silent now because the victims are the men.

  7. At the end of the day, if a guy posted that on his facebook let it be. No one commits a suicide for a revenge sake! I was tortured by my ex boyfriend and he even posted blogs about how one should not behave the way I did, why bother taking revenge with someone like that? Gos has his own ways of punishing. I have more sympathies with the man who is eating the revenge served cold!

  8. @ Sapan ; Perhaps,intelligent people can't digest any kind of failure

    @Men's right: May be you have a valid point

    @ Chintan: Definitely, she not only killed herself but also made his life hell.He'll keep feeling guilty whole life...perhaps thats what she wanted

  9. I wonder what she is doing after her tragic death.......Will she be in heaven or hell? Only God can answer this tricky question!!!

  10. She is from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology and not from IIT Kanpur. There are a lot of facts that the media has got wrong. But yes, whatever she has done came as a shock to all those who knew her, and though I feel bad for her, nothing can really justify the action taken by her.

  11. @ Sriramnivas..Wherever she is, the life of that boy is hell now..

    @ Pooja..Yeh,KIIT is not Kanpur IIT,thanks 4 info

  12. Love is beautiful.. But life is more beautiful.. The people who doesn't know the value of life can never know the value of love..

    No problem in this world is bigger than life.. If that is the case the god himself would've taken your life before the problem comes to you..


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