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Kashedi Ghat Ghost

                                                 Kashedi Ghat Ghost 

Disclaimer: This post contains only stories told by village people and doesn't hold any reality. Author do not want to spread any rumours or superstitions related to ghosts in Konkan. Do read it light heartedly as a fictional story. No need to take everything seriously ;) 

Kashedi Ghat
(Image courtesy: Google )
        Nine from a family died in a road accident near Khed. Fatal accident near Khed; two couple died, 5 die in mishaps on Mumbai-Goa highway near Khed, Bus overturned near Khed, Ratnagiri taluka; many injured. These are some of the news from leading Newspaper Times of India in last few years.There are more than 60 accident prone areas on Mumbai-Goa highway. But the Poladpur - Khed stretch is quite famous one. There are many stories associated with this road. And many villagers, daily travelers, truck drivers and even road traffic police claim that this road is haunted one. Specially Kashedi Ghat road is the killer of all. In day light the same stretch looks quite green and beautiful, but at night this road turns into nightmare for many. NH-17 (now NH-66) is one of the most busy National Highway of India. Its a route to south from Mumbai. The route exists even before several years of establishment of Konkan Railways. 
               I remember, our coaching classes owner Mr.Santosh G. Rane died in accident near same area in 1999. He was travelling back to Mumbai after celebrating Ganesh festival in his home-town in Konkan. Before his accident; one of the coaching classes head in Satacruz Mr. Anil  had died (1997) in similar accident in that same region. We read stories of accidents near Khed area after regular intervals. Yesterday one of my friend who came back from his home-town in Sindhudurg narrated me this story. I found it quite interesting so I am sharing it here. 

            There are rumors that if you travel on this road ( Kashedi Ghat - Khed ) in night, you will see a person coming in front of your vehicle and appealing you to stop your car. The same person wll keeps coming again and again in front of you, if you try to speed up your car and ignore him you are gone.All of a sudden your car will be thrown down the Ghats by a supernatural power..wooooh..sounds horrifying right? 

             As per villagers and road traffic police there, only way to avoid such mishaps is to stay calm and stop your car till that unknown figure crosses the road. He will not harm you..He will just cross the road slowly even without looking at you. And this can happen even twice or thrice on the same road. So you should not move till that person crosses the road and disappears in the dark night.. 

           It is also said that,the supernatural power over there is not capable of lifting heavy vehicles. It generally targets light vehicles and then lifts and throws the vehiles on heavy ones like trucks, S.T. buses or tempo trailers etc. Sometimes the driver loses their control on their vehicle just by ignoring this figure and accidents happens. 
           The speed limits, reflectors, accident prone area warning, everything is there in place, still these accidents happens.There is only one small village in this area but that too far away from this haunted road and on top of hill. So there is no aid available for people who get injured in these accidents. Many tourist have written about their experiences about this area in their books and blogs. 

            Whatever may be the reason behind large number of accidents near Khed areas, the story of haunted road is surely an interesting one. So next time when you will travel on this road, be alert, pay respect to the ghost, help him to cross road, or offer him lift. Drop him to nearby grave-yard ;)...But don't ignore him, don't increase speed and don't panic :P

Accident near Khed
(Courtesy: Google Images)



  1. Kokan is femous for Ghosts :-)...
    I know whenever we travel to my native place in kokanwe offer a coconut.
    We stop at the temple at the entrance of Ghat and offer prayer. Donno whether its true or not but why to take risk man :-)

  2. Lolz...Prashant..Thanks 4 comment :)

  3. Hmm I do love Ghost stories..Any more ? Nicely written :) I enjoyed it. Oh I am mentioning it in my blog...

  4. అనామిక & KP...Thanks 4 reading !!!

  5. Now that is one spooky story :) guess ghosts have their own rules...

  6. Buddy pls dont spread wrong rumours , i am travelling on same road twice a year from last 15 years .

    nothing of this is valid on this route

  7. accidents at kashedi ghats are due to over speeding and lack of turning judgment. I travelled thru dis route mostly in nights its traffic free and safe.

  8. accidents at kashedi ghats r due to over speeding and lack of knowledge of roads edges I travel dis route often mostly night rides I find it ghost free :p and safe...

  9. Dude NH 17 is most safe road in India coz i m traveling on this road
    Mostly in night on bike so pls stop this nonsence n nw i m jst 20 years old n i m travel on this road 4 time on year

  10. Hey dude pls stop this nonscence okay coz i m traveling on this road since 17 years on bike mostly in night n one of the best thing NH 17 is most safe road in India

  11. I presume the first image does not belong to you :)

    1. Mil gaye jo bhoot jab kabhi,
      kheli thodi khoon ki holi,
      bas darr na tum jaana,

  12. Dr aakash botle keep traveling...
    Safe and hapy journey..
    God blase you

  13. I travel from Panvel to Ratnagiri in my car twice every montn..... Never seen a ghost... even at 2:00AM when i drive down the Kashedi Ghat ... even stopped the car and had tiffin on the road in the nih time... never seen a ghost for past 7 Years...The accidents happens because of the twist and turns and on overspeeding, when the driver loses control.


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