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Falguni Pathak - 'Queen of Dandiya'

Falguni Pathak (Image courtesy : Google)               She is back ! 'Queen of Dandiya' Falguni Pathak is performing this year again in Navratri with 'Sankalp'. The festival of Navratri is incomplete without garba and dandiya.Falguni is unarguably the 'mover and shaker' of Dandiya.  Organizers of Sankalp, sell maximum entry passes every year only on her name. The 'Ta thaiya' music band and sensual voice of 'Dandiya queen' is the main attraction of their Dandiya festival for more than a decade. 'Non-stop 90' by Falguni Pathak has been the most sold MP3 during the festival of Durga Puja. Odhani odhe one of the best dandiya song which you hear in most of the Garba mandal. Her vibrant performance and energetic voice makes crowd dance whole night, all 9 days. Even after Navratri, Falguni never takes break.She goes abroad (US ,UK) to perform in more stage shows. Love of her fans all over India has kept her young even at the age of 47.M

The Rainbow proposal

Rockstar - Mohit Chauhan

Rockstar - Mohit Chauhan (Image courtesy: Google)            A Rajput boy from Himachal Pradesh who didn't had any formal training of singing came to Mumbai to become playback singer. Very soon he realized that due to lack of sufficient knowledge of music, he would not get an opportunity in competitive music industry. So he went to Delhi to meet his pianist friend Trivedi. They formed a brand called 'Silk Route' and started their journey  in music industry.Those years were completely dedicated to MTV and Channel V.Many pop singers started their careers through solo albums and depended on these two Music channels for their success. The success in album could win them contracts for stage shows throughout India and fame on small screen. But the way to bollywood was not easy. Silk route's first album 'Boondein' was instant hit.All credit goes to the super-duper song  'Dooba Dooba rehta hoon'.The picturization under water made the music video 'Most watche

Joy of giving week 2011 (Oct 2 - Oct 8)

Joy  of giving week ,2011 ( Courtesy: Google Images)           India is getting ready to celebrate 'Joy of giving week of 2011' . This  philanthropy festival started in India in the year 2009 and within two years, it become 'important week' for all the NGOs and CSR divisions. The name of the festival was suggested by an Ad agency Euro RSCG India , which handled Media and PR related work for the festival. Overall 500  plus events are carried out in more than 70 cities in India during this week. The week of Mahatma Gandhiji's birthday i.e 2nd October has been  chosen for 'India Giving Week', as it can gain National importance.                  Not-for-profit organizations,Corporate CSR divisions, Government Schools, and Non-government organizations carries out different fundraising activities during this week.Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar both supported this idea and also helped raise more than Rs.20 Crore for NGOs wo

Former Indian captain Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi died at 70

                                    Nawab Pataudi died Nawab of Pataudi : Mansoor Ali Khan  aka Tiger (Image courtsey: Google)             Nawab Pataudi died today,due to infection in lungs. He was former Indian cricketer. Our generation knew him as father of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Soha Ali Khan .We didn't saw him playing cricket,but we definitely saw him in some advertisements on Doordarshan.      When Saif Ali Khan entered film industry with his first film, there was news about his debut in all leading newspapers.I suppose,only after reading that news, I came to know that 'Pataudi' was not his name.It was name of one province. Nawab of Pataudi's real name was 'Mansoor Ali Khan' and today only I came to know his real name was 'Mansoor Ali Hussain Siddiqui' . Nawab means 'deputy of princely states' during Mughal period.Pataudi  province saw 9 Nawabs and Mansoor Ali Khan was 9th and last deputy of Pataudi till all states got

Malini Murmu suicide

Malini Murmu (Image courtesy: Twitter)        Malini Murmu, a bright student of IIM Banglore committed suicide after reading a facebook status of her boyfriend Abhishek Dhan. As per news channels the  message was something like this, " Feeling super cool today. Dumped my new ex-girlfriend. Happy independence day.” This disturbed her and she decided to take revenge by committing suicide.She wrote on the white board in room, “He ditched me. This is the best I can do to take revenge.”         It's really a sad news. A bright B.Tech student from KIIT,a good emloyee of Infosys who had joined a prestigious MBA course of IIMB ended her life in such tragic way. It's completely sad to see such a high IQ student,didn't had good EQ. She took very extreme step to teach her boyfriend,a lesson.           Is it really a Facebook which became reason of her death? or should we blame her boyfriend for her death? No, it's completely her fault as she could not deal with her emotional

Osmanabad days - Ragging Experience

Osmanabad College of Engineering  layout                                That knock on the door increased my heart beats. In very low voice I asked, “Who is there?’  “Deepak, it’s me Kumar, please open the door”.. I opened the door slowly and Kumar entered my hostel room. “Listen, Hussain has told me that Seniors from the city wants to meet us” Kumar continued. “When?” my voice started shaking. “Now ! Get ready, we have to go to his room immediately” said Kumar. I washed my face in basin, opened my sleeves. Closed the collar button and joined Kumar in uncertain journey.       It was my third week in Osmanabad. Our Engineering college was situated in the outskirt of Osmanabad city. I was 18 yrs old then and first time in my life I was staying away from home. F.E.hostel was under construstion then and we all were staying in Old hostel building  which is 'SENIOR BOYS hostel' now.      Our hostel had students from across the India. Right from Jammu Kashmir to Kerala. But being Mahar

Sadbhavana (सदभावना)

Godhra Burning train (Image courtesy: Google)                                               क्या मायने है 'सदभावना' के वोह क्या जाने ?                                              जिन्होंने हो जलाये बेगूनाहों के आशियाने ?                                              विकास के आड़ में हर पाप धुल जायेंगे,                                              क्या सोचते हो हम सब भूल जायेंगे ?                                              मजहब के नाम पर बाटें लोग तुमने                                               कितने शरीर तलवारोंसे काटें तुमने                                               भड़काकर धर्मअन्धोंको                                              कितने गले छाटे  तुमने                                                                                              तमाशा कर यह छप्पन घंटो का                                               तुमने खुदका तमाशा बना दिया                                               याद दिला दी उन डरावने लम्होकी                                                गहरे 

Chammak Challo

Wanna be my 'Chammak Challo'? (Image courtesy: Google) 10 funny meanings of word  'Chammak Challo'  1) Chammak Challo is a slang for 'beautiful woman with zero size figure'. 2) Chammak is derived  from 'Chamak'. The word 'Chamak' means  'shine' and challo means 'Go'.Whenever any iron gets rusted it becomes 'Chammak Challo' :) 3) Chammak Challo was code word of Congress against 'Shining India' campaign of NDA.     The word   'Chamak' means  'shine' and challo means 'go'.Same meaning :) 4) Chammak  Challo is a popular brand of powder which can be used for cleaning cloths and utensils.Sometimes Tinku Jiya uses it as 'Manjan'. Hell, now who is this 'Tinku Jiya?' 5) 'Chammak challo' is another name  for 'chudails'/lady dayans' who wear ghoongru in legs and walk making noise of chamm chamm in the night. 6) In Marathi Chammak challo word is used for girls of type

Mysterious energy

                                             MYSTERIOUS ENERGY     Mass & energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed.They  can be transformed  from one form into another.Universal mass & energy remains constant.       We   learned this law in our school. Human body is made up of mass & energy both. When we die,our body is buried or given fire. The physical body gets converted to ash, molecules.What happens to our mind, thoughts.Does the form of energy also gets converted to heat energy, or it releases to take a form of 'Soul'?           Ah...lot of Scientific knowledge is required to understand it.May be sciences of biochemistry, psychology etc. Let's not get into details of this & assume that we have some  energies around us to whom we call souls, supernatural powers or ghosts. Those who believe in God should believe in evil powers too. Because if positive energy exists somewhere negative energy of similar amount should be there.That's the reason w


                                        HAPPY GRANDPARENT'S DAY       India has a beautiful culture,which has always remained fascination for western countries. Joint family system of India kept this culture transiting from generation to generation. But we do have taken many things from West like Friendship day, Valentine's day, Mother's day etc. Grandparent's day is yet to come in India :p, but surely we'll adopt it soon.  We grow with many relations with us. After our parent & siblings next close bond is with our grandparents. Children are always fascinated with bed-time stories which they hear from their Dada-Dadi. Based on this , Director Moti Sagar telecasted one 13 episode serial in 1986 called 'DADA DADI KI KAHANIYAN'. Veteran actor Ashok Kumar (Dada) & Mausi of Sholay (Dadi) tell some Moral based stories in this serial. It had  many actors from Sagar camp who acted in Ramayana. The serial become  so famous that there was one COMICS with same

Osmanabad days - Parag Adkine

College of Engineering, Osmanabad Maharastra (Image courtesy : Google)                           With heavy bag on my shoulder and big red trunk in hand I entered the old hostel of Terna public charity Trust's college of Engineering in Osmanabad. It was August 1999.I was student of Industrial Electronics Engineering there for 3 months before I got admission to Mumbai again in 6th C round of CAP (Common Admission procedure).The  hostel building was quite away from College building,so students used to cross the valley between the college building and hostel. The valley route was short cut except for Monsoon period. My first impression of college was really bad, but I didn't had any choice left as I myself chose that option just because I wanted to be an Engineer.                         I was first Mumbai boy of my batch who took admission there. And after few days another boy from Malad joined our college.On first day in hostel I met my new room parteners Parag & Bhushan. Be