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             If you are a 'sister' searching for 'New designer Rakhis' on Google.Use keyword 'Rakshabandhan' instead of 'Rakhi'.Google is more susceptible to show you all results related to 'Rakhi Sawant'.Instead of getting designs of Rakhis in Market you will come across Rakhi's apparel designs (? :P).
         Cadbury comes with 'Cadbury celebration' ads on television, and many of us (brothers) realize that 'Rakshabandhan' is coming closer.Generally sisters knows date of Rakhabandhan almost 2-3 months before.Yes, sisters are always caring & sweet.Ok,let me tell you here itself, this post is not about real brothers-sisters.This post is about 'Manas-brothers & sisters' or 'Mooh-boli behenas & bhaiyyas'

         In your schooldays, you might have experienced it,some girls are typical 'Behenji' kind of girls and they tie almost dozen of boys/classmates Rakhi on Rakshabandhan. I have seen girls who make brothers just because their parents don't like their friendship with schoolboys.But generally very few people save this relation. These girls not only have brothers in school but also in coaching classes and keep making brothers everywhere they go . No offense !! This trend can be seen more in Maharashtrian girls.'Tu mazya bhavasarkha na?'is the typical line when this Mooh-bola relation starts.Boys behave properly and generally don't involve in fights in classroom if they have their sisters in their groups. Good thing,right?? 
             But such psudo brother-sister relation is more interesting during college days.Generally the reasons behind development of such bonds are quite funny.Teenagers who are more into bollywood craze, fall in love easily.And they want to make friendship with their crush.Boy who wants to pataofy any girl,first makes good friendship with 'Best friend' of that girl & vice versa.
           Remember your college days? When unknown girl came to you and made friendship with you. You were so happy that a 'girl' herself approached you for friendship,but then realized in few days that she was interested in your best-buddy and used you as 'Kabootar' to deliver her message to him.She even made you emotional to the extent that you tried to convince your buddy to say 'YES' to her.Ok,one step further,she made you her mooh-bola brother and now 'your responsibility' to make your best-buddy your 'Jijaji' increased more ?? Do you remember those 'mooh-boli' sisters who always used 'tears' as their weapons to get things done for them .And due to the immense respect for the 'relationship' you went out to do your best to keep your sister happy...Remember? 

        The thing gets more notorious when someone you are interested in comes and ties you a rakhi..It's kind of most hurtful day of your life.As you feel that your silent admiration for the girl was not understood by her.Guys trust me, some girls purposely make you 'Bakra' by making you brother on Rakshabandhan because they don't want to loose your friendship,but don't want you to follow them.

        'Rakhiphobia' can be seen in most famous students of college who always have many girls around them.Some boys think themselves as 'Krishna' & wants 'Gopiyas' around them.These guys generally hide at home during Raksha-bandhan or can be seen anxious that day. In college friends groups,if two friends become lovers, girls opt to make other boys of the group 'brothers' so as to avoid any 'doubts' of boyfriend.

  But then, there are many brothers & sisters who seriously help each other throughout life,share their moments of happiness and sorrows.Always love each other throughout their lives.Even a real brother-sister can feel proud of them.
Ultimately,'Rishte khoonse nahi, Nibhane se bante hai'..dialogue holds universally valid. 

       Raksha-bandhan is an amazing Indian festival.Brother-sister relationship remains always close to heart throughout our life even in the last years of life.

I wish every Indian a very Happy'Raksha-Bandhan' !!! 





  1. That was a wonderful take on rakhi, ahem not the Sawant girl :P

    I once had a neighbour who had got married to her rakhi brother! Her parents must have seen thro' the ruse and put paid to any hanky-panky friendship LOL

  2. Lol...Yes..In India many a times Girls consider their maternal cousin... brother,& unfortunately had to accept them as husband due to family pressure.

  3. I just love the first para of this post...Lol

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    Thanks :)


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