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Don't support 'Anna'

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   Don't support Anna...if you don't want to support him..Isn't it easy ? Why the hell some people criticize something they themselves don't have guts to do in their life?  Just to grab attention?? Ridiculous ! 
    It's always easy to keep doing bla bla bla in forums and showing your intelligence on internet. Forget about 'Anna' & 'Jan lokpal', can you stay hungry for just 3 consecutive days for something which you really want to do for society? Forget about society, atleast for yourself? Can you stay hungry for just 3 days for bringing some change in your own life. First do that !
          Criticism: Anna is not Gandhiwadi.
Who cares??  Those who Support Anna are now 'Annawadi' & that just matters than anything else. 'United we stand, divided we fall'. If someone thinks he can't himself change the system alone & he can't lead, still he can surely become a good supporter. And without a strong support and loyal followers no leader can become 'Gandhi'. 

         Criticism 2: NGOs funded by Businessmen are funding this movement.
Thank god. Atleast people are using their money for right thing. Rather than wasting money in bribing Sarkari Babus throughout life, if they are investing money in this movement to 'try' to make India corruption-free even for their own benefits,whats wrong in that? You don't think it's  their patriotism & they have their own benefits in doing so, Ok !! It's their money & their wish. It's none of your business. 
         Criticism 3: Supporters don't even know what is 'Janlokpal' bill? 
People who don't have any previous criminal records are ready to go behind bars for Janlokpal, will they take so much risk without knowing what they are doing? & why are they doing it? Without educating & making aware about the Bill how could  'Team Anna' get so much support? 

   Criticism 4: Anna doesn't care for other issues like Singur, Godhra Hatyakand. etc.
Ok..If you really care for issues, pick up your cause and work for it. If you will do something good for society, even you will get support from people. Anna has chosen his work-area and agenda & if he is concentrating only on anti-corruption movement for most of his life,Whats wrong in that?? Infact it's better to specialize in One area :P Isn't it? 

        Criticism 5: 'Janlokpal bill' will not eradicate corruption from India. 
Wah, you seems to be 'Antaryaami'. You must start your own future-reading business and earn lots of money. But first take some counselling to remove negativity from your mind.Because you could have selected to predict something positive, rather than negative. It shows your mind-frame and your will power. 

        Criticism 6: Anna is 'blackmailer'
There were many blackmailers in 'India' who tried to blackmail government for their own benefits but none of them succeeded as their blackmailing was related to some particular community, some particular issue.It lacked mass-appeal. And 'Anna' himself agrees he is 'blackmailer', what  you got concluding it once again? :P 

   Criticism 7: Every tom, dick & harry will use same funda in future against Govt.
Let them use it. But who is going to support them? Are they going to get such a massive support which 'Team Anna' is getting? People do have lot of work to do & people do understand what is right & wrong? So this threat is just an baseless excuse. 

        Criticism 8: This Article lacks 'Study' 
Lolz.. then who told you to read this??? Go and sleep :) 

NOTE: Support 'ANNA', if you want to support, 
     Don't Support 'Anna', if you don't want to support him.
     It's so simple...Keep it simple silly...... :))





  1. Awesome Stuff Buddy.... keep it up...
    We are united for the bright future of India and we are with Team ANNA...

  2. awsome. too good. such an amazing work buddy...

  3. true...people are trying to be pseudo intellectual when they say, don't follow Anna...

    nice article...

    i hav a similiar article, mind checking it?

  4. Haha, you seem to have a very neutral stand on this issue, Deepak.
    Throughout your article, I couldn't figure out whether you were against Anna or supporting him. Please clarify. :P
    But, very humourous! Keep it up! Promoted on IndiVine! :D

    Deepak, please help me by promoting my post here-

    The Tablet Revolutionary

  5. Thanks 4 reading Yash, I do support Anna & his team.

  6. Very well written. I have supported Anna and I am still supporting him although I have technical and constitutional reservations on Jan Lokpal but nobody can question Anna's intention and inportance of strong Lokpal. Especially few pseudo intellectuals like Arunghati Roy, Imam Bukhari and alikes are raising objection on wrong points. BUkhari asks where was Anna when Gujrat was burning but where was he when Pakistan attacked on Mumbai. when whole nation was opposing terrorism he hiding somewhere and now he is blabbering.

  7. Well said Bhavin..Thanks 4 reading...!

  8. very well said Deepak. clear, simple n logical post.

    its sad to see this topic being "abused" by many on blogs n other forums.

  9. Very true....If you dont want to support something then keep your mouth shut. Thats the best way not to support something. Criticizing others never helps in any way

  10. very valid point deep. atleast he has mobilized the country

  11. It's sad to see our Govt dealing wid this issue 'insensitively'...thanks 4 reading confusedyuppie..

  12. My latest article is on similar lines. Good work supporting the cause~

  13. Your article is a massive retort to those who themselves live in all comforts of life and only do lip-service to serious issues related to social concerns to show that they have got a brain also. Do we need their advice?

    An Fannatastic article.

  14. Thank you সুশান্ত কর & Neeraj...

  15. well written deep. I adore your style and orderly writing and the way you attractively wrote the heading.

  16. Very well written ,though I don't agree with you. I don't doubt Anna but I doubt the MMC(moronic middle class) who are spoon-fed by TRP obsessed TV channels. I have written about it in detail in my blog.
    auto publie-Tryst with Anna

  17. People these days dont have their own beliefs as much of what they "believe" is led by the media. So you have all these different and confused view points!

  18. Hahaha One of the superest Article I ever been through!! The emotions are pen downed in excellent manner with full of sarcasm.. :) Go Anna Go..

  19. heheheh.. very well written Deepak.. first time here and loved the punch :) :)

  20. Hey thanks Share2wish & SuKupedia :)..

  21. Yes Deepak! There is some truth in your article which need to be retrospected by everyone!

    Why Anna didn't open his mouth during Godhra Carnage is an addressing issue?

  22. Loved your keep it simple piece! When the detractors say that every tom dick and harry will mobilise the masses they don't realise that this kind of support will not be forthcoming unless the one leading it is worth following. Well said Deepak :)

  23. They ("Team Anna")have hijacked and paralyzed the India, and seems to get only media attention, like Kiran Bedi, Kejriwal, P. Bhushan seems all are hungry to get in news always ?? Why are they making Govt forced to bow down them by a certain date? Ar they above the Parliamentary System? They are dictating terms and have created a Mass Hysteria in India like when Ganesh drunk Milk in India or when Goswami fired himself on Students reservation issue,

    The fact is that innocent people of India is struggling with corruption in daily lives and these clever guys, in the name of Gandhi are 'playing' with the sentiments of India,

    The worst role is of 'media', what we say them as, did they have no other news in the world to telecast or print? They are just outcrying for their oen benefits like increase in TRP, ad revenue and get ahead of others,

    Who cares of My India, shame on all of them!!!

  24. The only good Anna has done for the country is to start a debate. But will this debate provide a solution? I am skeptical. Waise, this article is just an emotional outburst, just like the support the so called "middle class" is perceived to be lending for the cause. Vande maatram!

  25. You hit the nail @ the right place...wonderful post sir..

  26. Your post 'title' made me to visit the same. Really I enjoyed every counter expressions of yours. Brain-Storming hits. greetings!
    -Eagle Elango from

  27. The title made me curious to know the contents and I am happy to read upto end.
    All 7 criticisms and their reply are mind opening.

  28. came here to this post thinking you are going to ditch Anna based upon the title,but am wrong and confessed.

  29. Arumugam,thanks 4 reading & commenting

  30. Hm..Actually I am confused that you support or against Anna!
    Work From Home India

  31. Nice one ..I almost thought you were in for serious stuff! :) Keep it simple sill..LOL! :)


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