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                                   Common Agenda !!!

image courtesy: BBC
All political parties are sitting in 'Sarvadaliya' meeting.Ruling party leaders  A,B,C are already exhausted due to morchas infront of their homes.Third front is  irritated by timing of meeting.Their leaders X,Y,Z have come to pressurize government.Opposition party leaders P,Q,R are really happy to see ruling party in trouble but somehow they are controlling their smiles. 
And the meeting starts,

Ruling party Speaker: Good Evening all !!

All members: Good evening !!

R.P.Speaker: You all are invited here for discussing the  important issues of 'Anna' & 'Janlokpal' 

Opposition party leader: Yes, we know.Government is feeling the heat of Anna Hazare's revolution,otherwise you wouldn't have called 'sarvadaliya' meeting.Would you? 

'A': I tell you this 'Anna Hazare' has become nuisance for all of us.

'P': You made him hero.It's all your mistake, why did you detain him on 16th Aug? 

'B': Can both of you just shut-up? 

'C': Samose kafi achche bane hai..(eats one more Samosa)...boliye adhyakhsaji

R.P.Speaker: We need your suggestions on this issue.What do you think we should do? 

O.P.leader: ha ha ha ha...What happened to your dialogue 'Humare paas Manmohan Singh hai'?

'Q': Sir, jaane do na,aap dekh hi rahe ho,ek aurat ke gharpe na honese ghar ki kya haalat ho gayi hai? Mare huye ko aur mat maro. 

All O.P.members : ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (Cunning Laughter)

'A': Careful,you have not taken any 'firm stand' about 'Janlokpal'.People are watching your dirty politics against us during this crisis. So you better watch for your 'image'.

'P': 'Baukhlaa' gaye ho aap lok..You save your ass first. People will throw you out in next election. 

'C': Kya roz roz 'chai' pilate hai? 'Coffee' nahi hai kya? 

'Q': Khane pine ke alawa aapke log aur karte bhi kya hai? tabhi to aaj ye haal hai? ha ha ha..Bola tha limit me khao. par suna nahi..ab ho gayi na badhazami? 

'X': Isiliye hum kehte hai ki 'Communist' sarvshrestha hai.Hum hamesha janata ke baare me sochte hai.

'B': Aap rehne dijiye, aap ka to ab astistva hi khatam ho raha hai..

R.P. Speaker : Gentlemen you are wasting time.We need your opinion about Janlokpal.

O.P.Leader: Our opinion is clear. You should withdraw your Lokpal bill from Sansad first. 

'Y': Yes, your Lokpal Bill is ridiculous.Remove it first.We need stronger Lokpal.

'C':Have you gone mad? If we introduce Janlokpal, all of us will get naked in front of public.Sabke pol khul jayenge.Our all scams will come out within a year. 

'Q': Let it happen. Anyhow, People of this country know that 'Corruption-Free' India is an IDEAL condition which can never exists in reality.So we have fair chance to get 'Janaadhar' in next election as people will select 'Less Corrupt' government again. 

'A': 'Sapne' dekhana band kijiye,aisa kuch nahi honewala.We have managed some media on our side.They will portrait that 'TEAM ANNA' is more arrogant and 'adiyal' than us. We have chosen our best negotiators.

'R': Hahaha...Do they even know what is 'Negotiation all about?'

'C': We gave team Anna 6 cups tea and 2-2 sandwiches each. 

'Q': Still you have to come out and clarify your statements about Anna in Midnight? Is that what you call 'best negotiation?'

'Y': You both parties are useless, our Vampanthi morcha will not allow you to cheat people.Aapki standing committee khade rehkar vichar karti hai,aur der tak logoko intezaar me khada rakhti hai. U ppl are useless. 

'B': Mr. 'Y', you have forgot that your voice doesn't have any value now. As our Government doesn't need anyone's support now.Those days are gone when we needed anyone's support to form a government.

'Z': You egoistic people ! Then why did you called us for meeting? Anyhow our opinion  will not be taken into consideration,right ? Hum log Walkout karenge. 

'C':Senti dialogue mat maariye, Samose khayiye, badhiya hai. 

'A': Yes, he is right, now only Ruling party & Opposition has to take a call.

'P': People are against you,so we are with people. Isn't it a common sense?

'B': But even if you will support them, Janlokpal is neither good for us nor you.So think again. 

'Q': Bullshit,we are not afraid of any laws against corruption.

'C': We have all account numbers of Indians in Swiss banks. Aur usme se kuch aap logo ke bhi hai..

'R': Dhamaki? 

'A': Dhamaki nahi Chetavani.

R.P.Speaker: Dekhiye,aise ek dusre par kichad uchalne se kuch nahi honewala. hume jald-se-jald kuch karna padega.

O.P.leader: Sahi kaha, Hum 'ANNA HAZARE' ko bhagwan banne nahi de sakte.hume unke 'anshan' ko sabse pehele todna hoga.

R.P.leader 'A':Kuch bhi ho, 'Janlokpal' humare hit me nahi.Koi political party kabhi nahi chahegi ki 'Bhrashtachar' samapt ho.

O.P.Leader 'P': Kumse kum hum log ye nahi chahte ki hum 'Lokpal' ke dayre me aaye.'Sarkaari babu' aaye to chal jayega...

R.P.Leader 'C': Hmm.Kamse kam apne hisseka toh kha sakte hai...(eats one more samosa)

R.P.Speaker: Toh main yeh samzoo ki humara common agenda yeh hai ki 'ANNA' ka anshan tod diya jaaye? 

O.P.leader: Magar 'ANNA' manenge?

R.P.Leader: Nahi manenge to unka anshan jabran tudwayenge.

'P': Log bhadak jayenge?

'B': Lekin agar 'Anna' ko kuch ho gaya toh aur zyada bhadkenge.

'Q': We can do one thing..Just keep conditions as it 'status quo', log aandolan ko aur zyada nahi khich payenge..ab 10 din pure ho chuke hai.

'A': Waise bhi zhoote vaade karne me humara haath koi nahi pakad sakta.Anshan tod denge..Janlokpal ke baare me soch-vichar karne ke liye waqt maang lenge.Janta thandi ho jayegi.baad me TEAM ANNA se nipat lenge. kaisa rahega?

O.P.Leader: bahut khub.waise bhi, people have habit of forgetting everything.Log Terrorist attacks, Bomb-blasts bhool jate hai..toh 'Janlokpal' kis khet ki muli hai ?


This way the common agendra of all politicians remains same :'Corruption  till death'.

Joint Spokeperson to Media : 

Humari baat-chit shuru hai,Sarkaar 'bhrashtachar' ke khilaf sakt kanoon laana chahti hai.We will find out some way out soon.We are worried about 'ANNA'S health, We appeal 'Anna' to quit his 'Anshan'. 

And...the 'anshan'...continues...


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