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Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Felicitation

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - I

           Hello friends, here is compilation of  some of my 'Tweet's on social networking website 'Twitter', 1)  Remember, 'Investment' is not a 'gambling',it's an art of 'wealth management'. 2)  Sometime it doesn't matter whether your decision is 'RIGHT' or 'WRONG',what matters is how 'FIRM' is your decision. 3)  'Social Entrepreneurship' is just the Extended form of 'Duniyadaari'  4)  Never try to change the person whom you love, else the person will change (replace) you. 5)  Mathematics is never 'right' when it comes to love. Because when 'A' loves 'B', and 'B' loves 'C'..'A' and 'C' hate each other 6)  Power' does not means 'influencing' people.If you can even 'control' the people whom you can't influence.Then its 'Power  MORE TO COME !!! Deepak Doddamani