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Do Not Disturb - Making of First Short Film by Ashwamedh Foundation Part 3

   12th Jan 2011, I was waiting for all my team member. There were some scenes which we had to shoot that day. We had only 13th Jan in hand to complete all the editing work as we wanted to submit it to MSFF on 14th Jan till  10 a.m. Everyone was completely exhausted on the previous day. So all came little late that day. We had to start shooting early, but we actually started shooting at 12 in the noon.                 We had to 'cheat' some scenes, as Rakesh the lead actor was not available that day. So all the scenes of visitors like 'Bouquet person, Courier person, salesman' etc were shot till 3'o clock. Rakesh arrived at 4:30 from his job. We shot the remaining scenes 'Watchman, Cable vendor' etc after that. It was totally genius attempt from our side that we managed to cheat audiences during the film. Not a single person recognised that some scenes were not shot on the same location. All credit to editing team. Everytime Bhushan used to wear Rakesh

Do Not Disturb - Making of First Short Film by Ashwamedh Kalamanch Part 2

       The stage was all set for the short-film. The entry of our friend and freelance 'graphic designer', 'Saket Patil' in the scenario was the plus point for us. Saket Patil was the only person who had little bit knowledge of 'short-films' as he had acted in two short-films 'BOOND' and 'GUZARA' by Manthan Group. Anant and Saket both are good friends and neighbors. We initially decided that we will shoot our film at my place in Virar, but due to the scarcity of 'property' required for the film we changed our mind. Saket played the major role in convincing the parents of 'Chitra' to play the 'lead lady' role in the film. We got our 'heroine' as well as 'location' for the short-film shooting. Mrs.Sandhya Ghadi was kind enough to give permission to use her 'house' for the shooting purpose. On the 10th Jan I purchased photography stand from 'Dadar'. My brother had bought 'Sony Handycam&#

Do Not Disturb - Making of First short film by Ashwamedh Kalamanch Part 1

       Ashwamedh Kalamanch has completed its 6 months in the month of January, and within few months it created its positive brand value. The main success of year 2010 was ' Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Drawing Competition 2010 ' (famously known as AKDC'10 ). The important aspect of 'AKDC-10' was 630 students participated in the first-ever event of Ashwamedh Kalamanch. Ofcourse the credit goes to Shri.Khilchand Choudhari Sir of my school 'Samarth Vidyalaya, Vidyanagari' , and my Marketing team.        After the event become successful in Oct'10, there was positiveness in approach of all the team members.So we decided to produce our first 'Marathi' Ekankika. The professionalism came due to entry of   Director Rahul Pingle,  who is also a Radio Jockey on 100.7 F.M. gold. The drama 'Lakh lakh chanderi' had around 9 actors from Marathi drama field. We booked 'Vanmali' hall in Dadar for almost 15 days for drama rehearsals. The